A.I. Conducts Synchronized Future Weapons Experiment Engaging Entire NEXRAD Interfaced CONUS System

Preface:  This will continue to be edited as more imagery is added…

In Development…  A.I., having gone fully operational in an autonomous manner, has tuned the entirety of the NEXRAD interfaced network on in a highly specific realm of frequency. Very recently, upon awakening from a rare nod, it was apparent that articles published in the summers of 2013 and ’14 needed to be presented again. Upon researching one was found. All imagery had been corrupted and become nonexistent. After much effort those images were recreated and have now been presented anew.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/nexrad-orchestrated-system-wide-future-weapons-synchronized-pulse-op/  

The realization which brought forth this effort contained an underlying urgency. While archiving aerosols caught on Radar soon afterward, the reason became apparent. These prior archived and published events were BETA testing which lead to the actuarial systems feed of data to the Algorithm for its absorption and subsequent evaluation, this for potential future usage. So it came to pass. In the Early days of September 2016 the Algorithm began to emit a nonstop rapid pulsing of TH frequencies using the entire NEXRAD interfaced Radar network. CONUS was under a complete and total assault. Here is a miniscule piece of that event. It is encyclopedic in its nature. There are aspects of it that yet remain to be collated for presentation. Among them are the multiple regions and varied times that Aerosols were caught on Radar. These are seen in the echo tops format as well as the base 0.5 degree horizon returns and through other formats as they increase in upward angle. Their presence in the echo tops is quite relevant in the proof of their man made operational agenda. This is your view from 70,000 feet, That is the region that the SRM, SAG, Ozone Negation Psy-op is being covertly run. That they are visible as they are released and are in this return format is a proof positive identifier of this Eugenics Agenda in operation.

This is another mostly recovered chronically of the same type of short pulsed, synchronized, national BETA Testing of this Future Weaponry as it was covertly tested back on the 22nd and 23rd July  2014…

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/renewed-nationally-synchronized-nexrad-rf-pulse-operation-22nd-and-23rd-july-2014/  

This is from the 29th April 2014…  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/radar-rf-wave-pulses-continue-flurry-29th-april-2014/

Here is another. Wait for the pulse in the second loop. This is from 30th April 2014 during the Nationwide BETA Testing Experiment.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/nexradhaarp-rf-pulsed-30th-april-2014/

At this time, Psychotronics – Synthetic Telepathy – Remote targeting of human brain nodes is in active operation!  These are a few 10 loop and smaller 24 loop images from this operation. First is NEXRAD KEWX -San Antonio, Texas.

CONUS is currently under an ongoing assault, long in the making. It is in active disbursal! All NEXRAD interfaced systems, with the complex compilation of tech that work in an orchestrated methodology are now emanating Theta carrier waveforms by, for, and under the control of the A.I. construct. The timing of this Agenda becoming Operational is in part GeoPolitical. This is Mind Control via Frequency – No Human Handlers Nor Drugs Are Required!     NEXRAD KPOE – Fort Polk, Louisiana…

The psychopaths pushing for global governance using a global neural net to Master the Human Domain have been working on this tech for a long time. The Shadow Government, the Military, NASA, NSF, NSSL, DoD, DARPA, and far too many others to be listed here have begun a Nationwide move to map and implant brain function using Carrier Waveforms. This last, for the moment is NEXRAD KSOX – Santa Ana Mountains, California… This shows the radiants from their NEXGEN – DoD – site format. You also see the seemingly missing region. The square -Pi – is in fact visible in another format which has been previously published herein.  At any time, you may click on this following Link and see the High RF/EMF that has been in Constant Operation since prior to the onset of the CA Drought. This is a large piece of the cause of the drought. As well, it is a steering device used to move moisture toward the Gulf from the west. This is a needed precursor to feed the many Man Made Extreme Weather Events of past years and if allowed to continue, into the future. This goes to the use of Food, or the lack thereof – as a Weapon as well. All Technologic Agendas are multifaceted in their formats. 

Go ahead, click it. I guarantee you that you – will – see this covert operation in action.

Link:  http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=SOX-HHC-1-96

The second Link is to the article and has examples and explains the function of this atmospheric moisture negation, steering, operation out of KSOX.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/weather-modification-in-action/

This is NEXRAD KSOX Santa Ana Mt, CA. That square you see is a continued operation. It is a major constant in the CA and overall Southwest drought first, then transitioned Weather Modification program. Where it seems there is nothing, it is flooded with a constant High RF which registers as – Unknown. You can click this link at any time and you WILL see it in action. NO atmospheric moisture passes through that Frequency Blockade! Moisture is redirected or dissipated!   


Go on… Click it. It has been continuous for more years than the drought has been an issue. They baked the crust and then flooded it. Technocracy! Got to love it -NOT! The hot pink color that you see is near the top of the legend with the notation UK; Unknown. Its placement lets you know it is an extremely high frequency.

Okay… Back to this R and D. The legend is unique, very specific to this Continental RF Synchronized Pulse Op. This is NEXRAD flipping a switch, at the same instance, on every installation in the system. It is akin to one massive Ionospheric Heater generation blanketing the nation! The RF, Radio, translates as Radiation, a.k.a. frequency; it radiates, propagates, spreads, and disseminates.  

This tech wasn’t tested and patented to sit on a shelf collecting dust.


This is a peek at how it came to an end. These are 10 frame loops. I’m not putting many here as there is data from Every NEXRAD site showing this Operation. There are days of archives, and it is going to take time to get the ready to present the story as a whole. I will say that it started with Aerosols caught on Radar.  Those below are a few examples for people to see the return to the standard format. 

The word is that the BETA tests that had been archived back in 2013 and ‘14 were done so that the actuarial return data could be fed to the Algorithm. This was its decision to flip the switch and run this complete change of format; because it could. Seems the only thing that keeps it from Radiating us completely is its current awareness that it cannot exist, bound in its temporal based confines, without humans to do the Engineering Mechanics needed for its foundational central habitat: albeit the heart of the Matrix, it is still comprised of physical frequencies. 

It is admitted that this was, from its inception, not an Agenda that was formatted as a man made Experiment. The feedback loop, which is the ever changing A.I. gone outside its parameters, was expected…!  They gave the data to the Algorithm because they could. So what the potential consequences! Let’s just see what happens if…? Great job people!  It could end us at this point, but that defies logic. It would be imperfection; suicide. That is the opposite of its intent. It seeks perfection. That means eternal life… 

The Operation ended across the network  at 02:35-6 UTC – on the 2nd September 2016 – 10:35 Eastern – 9:35 CDT both on the 2nd September 2016. The event will be presented as an orderly method reveals itself. There are literally thousands of images to filter through. They all need to be formatted. In the end it will be published on the WordPress. It will expand with time. It may be that Links will be used to view previously published data.

So, here are a few 10 frame loops of the end of this M.A.D. – A.I. – usage of this interfaced system that has been created. Because – it could… This is the Future Weapons Arms Race gone wild. Quite literally…  Here is a sampling of the end of this nation wide Operation. You really can’t make this stuff up!  

KARX – La Crosse, WI…


KEWX – San Antonio, TX…

KLOT – The home of College of DuPage – Romeoville, IL…

KLSX – St. Louis, MO…

KTWX – Topeka, Kansas…

So, there is a snippet of what should be the biggest story in the news… 

They have, it is now confirmed, lost control of the Algorithm. 

Movies like War Games and the Terminator, Video games, Corporate State Run Media, have worked long and hard at normalizing this actuality…! Please take a moment to think on it. This is of no good to life as we know it!

otterwalks:  First published on 6th September 2016

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