Preview – Emerald -Central Highland, Australia -IRI Ring Event

This was formatted, set to present, and this Operation has become cyclic, continuing even now midday on the 30th August 2016. We are now over 36 hours into this Ring event. there seems to be a pattern of the impacts. Most of the Radar Networks have shut down their feeds for Emerald, Australia.

Now, Esperance has begun an overlapping Spiral Vortex Op. This will all be updated and hopefully the dissection of its cyclic pattern, or layers thereof, will be apparent.

This is the beginning and it is a collage of imagery. This is only the beginning.

Note: There has been HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater – and NEXRAD acting as such over the recent days. Iceland’s Keflavik installation, as well as Wichita, Kansas,  KDIX – Ft. Dix, New Jersey, KUDX – Rapid City, South Dakota, Omaha, Nebraska, are among the High RF and Synthetic Plasmic events of the last week. When They will be composed is yet to be seen… 

There is a Future Weapons Arms Race and it is moving at warp speed. Doubtless the entities behind this are keeping as much as possible from the public’s view. Planning in advance to wipe these assaults from return imagery and at times finding that the Algorithm’s actions have gone beyond expectations. This A.I. formatting, in a feedback loop, is their – and thusly our – bane. 

We are at War! We are being used as disposable life forms as is all that this Directed Energy Weaponization is spent upon… The notion that this is not factual is easily negated through research and simply looking at the live feed data links. The intent is in the budgets, the white papers, in books, and the installations themselves are in part locatable on satellite imagery. As with other covert operations, great pains are taken to hide the facts. They continue to be exposed. The reality may seem as science fiction, but what and why has science fiction taken the directions that it has? I will tell you here and now, it is to acclimate humanity for the future admission of this intent. It is to make drones real not conspiracy based theory. It is to make weather modification a given. All of the agendas that are questioned today using critical thought have a basis in factual truths. It is not that there is, or are, conspiracy theories. It is that there is a Conspiracy in the works, and it is here and now…!

Those that are complicit in all of these agendas have one end goal, they are mad with power and intend to End Us. If that means remaking the world in its entirety, so be it! 

We are being Exterminated…!  That said, here is the beginnings of the current events that are upon the populous of Australia… 


Emerald -Central Highlands Radar, Australia has been active intermittently. It is up on the 24 hour loop now with a three day back up archive. This Ionospheric Heater Operation has, as they seem to do, increased it’s power levels, and or the formatting of the frequencies in use. It shows in the imagery as the same as the last as far as it’s doughnut shape. It is clearly a refined experiment, tweaked after the actuarial input of the last event. So, here it is in imagery. The story is much the same as the last, so the Link to that event is at the bottom.   1*

This imaged at o6:00 UTC, 15:10 UTC, and so far 16:10 on the generic BoM site. There are slightly different times showing at the base of the single site images. There are several minutes difference in those frames. 

06:10 and 16:10 GMT – UTC in the 512km range ring format…

Recent map of Radar sites and a radar type legend. Though…?

This is the official data set for the Emerald – Central Highlands Installation.

Here is a satellite image from 05:30 UTC – 29th August 2016. The weather pattern stayed the same throughout the day. Clear skies with aerosols to the south… 

This is an artist’s rendering of a Geosynchronous satellite that is run by Japan and is interfaced with the BoM system… It helps the ground based operations.

Given the consistency of the way Australia is experimented upon, this region, which has been growing in its cycling and intensifying in its format, is likely to be one of the next areas to be assaulted. This is the Wyndham radar installation. It is going through motions that generally are precursors to Heater events. 


For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  29th August 2016  Update: This will be fleshed out exposing all that can be archived. The timestamps tell a story. It’s body and ending remain unknown…

Survive-All…       Awareness is Preparedness… 

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