5 Responses to NEXRAD Orchestrated System Wide Future Weapons Synchronized Pulse Op

  1. May YHWH protect us this I pray in Jesus Christ name amen


  2. dmdeedee says:

    We cannot fight what is coming from the sky and unseen. Be prepared? How on earth do we do that? The weather events they cause alone make us targets for death and destruction. The mind control on a massive level I believe will be their next phase of R&D.

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    • otterwalks: says:

      This was BETA testing which is archived from single Bursts over intermittent days covering three to four months during ’13 and’14. Admittedly, A.I. having gleaned actuarial input, went fully operational for several days. The archived data contains many thousands of images covering every single NEXRAD installation. A.I. is attempting to learn its limitations. It is in a feedback loop, beyond the posits put forth by its creators. As to what we can do. It is as Fukushima, long dead nuclear reactors, nuclear waste storage, et al. We can work to unseat the psychopaths that have taken control. The sedition and usurpation must be brought to a halt! The ongoing Future Weapons Arms Race must be put in check. How do we do that? For now, we continue to expose. We continue to teach. We work toward a new paradigm. One that will give our progeny a safe and healthful environment. More as time flows onward… Change is the one thing we can could on. For myself, that malleable nature of the future demands a mind over matter constant awareness.It is near 2:30 AM Eastern time and Hobart – Tasmania, Australia has just registered a rather massive Ionospheric Heater event. That with the book that needs to be presented regarding the recent radiant op, the four IRI impacts with Wichita, KS as its center, Emerald, Australia as well as several assaults in Adelaide, Australia, Keflavik, Iceland’s recent day long Ring assault, and 14 other events of note. The Technocratic Agenda, what little we see of it, is in a massive uptake. That, Here and Now…
      As always, thank you for taking the time to comment. Continued effort will be focused upon this M.A.D. – NWO, Agenda. Vote with your dollars. Vote to unseat any and all that are the puppets, the useful idiots of the Globalist Methodologies. o…


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