Emerald – Central Highlands HAARP/IRI Assault Follows Namoi – Blackjack Mountain Ring Event -Australia

Emerald, Australia follows Namoi – Blackjack Mountain in eastern Australian Plasmic Assault.

Censorship, Poor imaging systems, image timestamp occurring at a less than optimal point in the event; who is to say? It seems the two rings covered over 1.25 hours, with the larger ring, registering center at Emerald, peaking around 10:00 UTC/GMT. 

These are the few images from these Ionospheric Heater Rings available. It may be that the software programing of the actuarial data has begun to be upgraded and like other global locations, filters are being implemented. Censorship being an ever increasing tact. Among other potentials, especially Emerald – Central Highlands, Australia Radar may have imaged an end point fade, or a ping which was reconfigured, or not, its power boosted and its Beacon sent on a continued path of triangulation; that a bird in the hand for a future use or just R and D for The Algorithm. – ? 

This is, after-all, a Covert Agenda lacking transparency. This leaves researchers from the outside, only puzzle pieces. Dots to be collected and one day connected revealing the facts. 

This is a Future Weapons Arms Race…!  It is escalating exponentially and the Technology continues to negate data regarding its existence. 

Here is the same imagery program or the Beacon which is compatible with the imaging program used at Emerald. This is from the archives. The date and timestamp are visible, as is the central location; Emerald – Central Highlands.  

These are satellite and Google Spy car photographs of the Emerald Radome Tower. This is 9km east of Emerald, just off Capricorn Highway on Foleys Road.

Complete with an excited molecular atmospheric vault…

BoM refers to 67 Radome Towers in its interface. Be assured there are more. They are not stand alone towers lacking other component technology systems. This is one small piece of a growing compendium, systematically gathering data.

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  20th August 2016 

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5 Responses to Emerald – Central Highlands HAARP/IRI Assault Follows Namoi – Blackjack Mountain Ring Event -Australia

  1. Russ S says:

    thanks for your posts and all you do.
    you mention in your text an idea of molecular plasma vault.
    I can grasp plasma, and vault, but can you help me understand how the term molecular ties in?

    Liked by 1 person

    • otterwalks: says:

      @Russ S, First, allow me to thank you for taking the time to comment.

      In that post I put out many questions and thought provoking statements and labels. More questions than answers or posits. Over the years I have attempted to find the middle ground to communicate a field that resides beyond average conceptual understanding of the lingo, so to say…

      The statement: Complete with an excited molecular atmospheric vault… Related to the interconnectedness of multiple agendas working in unison. Aerosols are sprayed; that is a given. SRM particulates are present regardless of visual aerosol disbursal. The NASA front has released white papers that claim a 30% reduction of natural sunlight due to the decades of megatons of slurry dumps globally. CHAFF is present regardless of our capability to visualize it. Your eye Dr. will talk of the – Glare Effect… This is part of the Ozone negation agenda which has raised the UV -A – B – and deadly C levels.

      That is another book… Back on point… The constant Outbursts of all of these interfaced weather Radars -? – excites those particles that are within the upper regions of the atmosphere, ultimately becoming the Toxic Fallout that is incompatible with life as we know it. From Doppler to NEXRAD, Space Platforms to mobile land and sea platforms, Ionospheric Heaters, radiate like a microwave oven as they pass through matter. This excites the compounds in the slurries and any natural atmospheric moisture. Combined, the aerosols, moisture, – ice nucleating crystals form. They are columnar and hexagonal in nature and with the advent of the RF/EMF induction, they form in manor’s that aid in the deciphering of the content of the aerosols that are traversing overhead. The crystals form in specific patterns. More atmospheric content, more dramatic formations.

      Perhaps it should have been noted earlier that the label – molecular – was used in a rather generic sense. These covert ops are using Nano sized particulates and polymers in an attempt to keep them afloat. Molecular refers both to atmospheric moisture – vapor – and to the Toxic Technocratic Brew that is in usage.

      The point of these efforts is to expose the agenda…

      We are being Exterminated…! This is one of the full spectrum of venues in use. It is one that I have lived a long life both working and continuing to expose in these, my later years.
      I hope my currently distracted mind has answered your query. If not make mention and I will answer at a time when there are fewer distractions. Be well, o… Post Script: I have not reread nor edited this return. I hope it reads well.


      • Russ S says:

        thanks for your thoughtful replies.
        considering this was the only part of your post I was confused about, that label is accurate as far as I am concerned.
        yes, more questions than answers, because that is the nature of these issues.
        I have only come upon the label of extermination however, and have digested that quickly, because it’s true.
        and now, when this label comes up in a conversation, people are left speechless, because it’s true and they’ve only just considered it probable. to most good folks, that’s not digestible.
        I can understand their frustration at the prospect of an inevitable change in cognitive dissonance.
        one thing I continue to grasp onto is that if it’s possible, we seem to have entered into a new energetic space in our travails / travels through the cosmos, where energy is interacting differently with our planet. we’re changing because of where we’re at in the universe.
        if this isn’t the case, something is different, and it’s not simply in the water. we’re in the water, and it’s heating up quickly.
        good on you for continuing your efforts, I read every one of your posts with agreement and gratitude. keep up the good work.
        have a swell day.

        Liked by 1 person

      • otterwalks: says:

        Well, Thank you. By and large it is a thankless task. I manage a rare article. One in ten that are archived at best. Then I own no devices. This MacBook Pro, old tech is at times available. As it is only me with my self taught five years of computer effort. I’m a very quick study… Had I not been tasked with archiving the interactions of GeoEngineering, BioEngineering, the Aerosol agenda, Fracking, and the interconnectedness of this Death Cult Agenda, I had no interest in its usage. Now, I hope to reach people in hopes of aiding the Awakening. Doubtless you know the sad state of the masses. They have done a number on their bodies and minds. I continue my small effort to work against the Money Powers and their minions. Here’s hoping… You and yours be well, o…


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