HAARP/IRI Rings – Adelaide and Namoi Ring Events Follow Escalating Namoi Operations

This is from 11th August 2016. Blackjack Mountain is in the upper right, Buckland is the larger Ring to the lower left. They are become constants. You will find Links and Categories that will take you to some small percentage of the events that are archived. The images tell the story. 

We are being Exterminated…!  It’s called Eugenics. It is Technocracy, the NWO, Psychopaths embedded as the Money Powers that aim to end life…! Call it Agenda 2030, call it any label, it is a Cancer upon the Earth…!

 So here starts Adelaide – Buckland, and Namoi – Blackjack Mountain, Australia. This covers only several days of the Assault on Australia…!  

Seems that everywhere you research, the filters fail to negate the Aerosols over water. I have little doubt that the areas over the land masses have been wiped. Any images from this time period would be inserted, should they exist. Though experience tells that the skies over this region were likely leadened given the massive dumping that is visible here. 

Namoi, earlier on the 11th – through the double ring assault…

Namoi after the Adelaide Ring…

BoM Australia Weather loop… One image per hour. The Aerosols are being sprayed in advance of the incoming Operation.

Blackjack Mountain continues to cycle this agenda of abhorrent plasmic radiants on the 12th August 2016. 

Developing: Links and further data will be added as it is formatted. 

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  14th August 2016

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