La Crosse Center of Continued Plasmic Assault – NEXRAD KARX Registers Center Local for HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Impact

The documentation confirms the La Crosse event lasted at least 1.25 hrs., when you look at the timestamps of all of the reporting return imagery. 

There must be a reason that this area continues to show these Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms as Future Weapons assaults and or experimentation continues. Granted this is one event carrying clues that it potentially lasted for six and one half hours. Censorship became obvious as site after site had less and less data. Countless forms of deletion were deployed. As each Radar network presents its own return imagery, parallel to the whole of the interfaced system, each also is programmed to take action when this type of event occurs. 

As this is an Arms race, – DEW -Directed Energy Weapons – are in continued experimental phase. They are constantly being BETA tested. The global network of Ionospheric Heaters has its components in use to run tests, collate data for their actuaries, compare frequency data from outgoing to return data; all of that and more are fed to The Algorithm. 

The High RF – EMF events that we see are rarities a growing number of filtered. There are months in the year that these systems do not work at their optimal potential. For now we are midway in the northern hemispheres optimal time frame for punching the Ionosphere using these arrays. There are doubtless, tens if not hundreds of impacts that occur globally, and we are not privy to these covert operations. 

They are outside of law. It’s basis is the backing of the same gun running profiteers that have create wars for profit over centuries. The names, the groups, topographic locations, all change as research proves. This does not discount their eventual intent. It comes under the umbrella of the label – Eugenics. Technocracy is the tool in use in our day. Disinformation, distraction,  False Flags, who’s life matters, – ? – divide and conquer; these are tools as well. Misinformation and lack of transparency evolve as this Arms Race continues.  

This is over forty annotated images and loops of the event that had it’s most powerful location, NEXRAD KARX – La Crosse, Wisconsin. This begins with the One Hour Precipitation Format. Remember that throughout this event the systems ran in clear air mode. Though some loops are run one minute between images, the standards being 5, 6, or 10 minute frames. All of the data herein has its timestamps and origins on the gifs or still frames. 

Digital Storm Total Precipitation Format… Most of the loops throughout have legends that show the frequencies that are registering, Each may vary in the breadth or type of spectrum recorded, and or the assigned color codes. There is no weather present…!

These are annotated stills from the Echo Tops Format. They do not show the Ring signature of this radiant at its peak.  They are put under the loupe annotation to show the area of most powerful radiation. The white at the top being the maximum registered by this system.

This is the same site’s Base Reflectivity – low trajectory – at 0.50 degrees…  

Hydrometeor Classification Format… As it sounds this is the attempt to tell the type and density of atmospheric particulates that are falling. There is much more to it, that is my shorthand take. Here, aside from the wiped frame/s this Is given to the – HR – color code on the legend. HR stands for Rain and Hail, neither of which was present at the time of the assault. The key is that it represents specific frequencies. As more data is collected an image of intent may reveal, with clarity, the intent of the frequencies being tested upon the unknowing citizenry. It is quoted thus:  Hydrometeor Classification -HC- is an – Algorithm – to identify the predominant hydrometeor in the radar beam. There are pre-defined categories recognized under this classification. Continued:  The Hydrometeor Classification should be used in conjunction with other data for proper interpretation, as it is an – Algorithm. Generally, as currently implemented, – The Algorithm – determines the type of hydrometeor, omitting information pertaining to the likelihood of other categories. 

So…!     It Decides…!

Digital VIL… 

UCAR single site return for KARX – La Crosse, WI…  

This is the CONUS2 Mosaic loop covering the published data.

These are satellite weather Enhanced IR loops that run one frame on the half hour. The third is an annotated single image.  

These are from the NIU Mosaic and individual State system…

This is the – New – High Res – ? – WRAD Massively filtered format. This was once one of the most revealing of networks. Now, it is among the least data that can be presented and still be called weather Radar.

UCAR Mosaic loop…  

Accuweather single site imagery…  

Now, this was interesting. These are from the NWS – National Weather System. This is within the hierarchy of the Radar information distribution pyramid. If something Covert is going down, this is the first to wipe the feed. Subsequently all other feeds that collect their data to process from here, begin the cascade of censorship.  

This is the current format choice list in use by Weather Underground. The degrees are the elevations that the Radar outbursts travel through. So, Base is closest to ground level returns. 3.35 degrees is used in – Base Reflectivity, and as well in – Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity. The distance of the Range Rings also may vary, both here and on other networks. It is worthy of note that the Lasers that are in use, radiate 360 degrees around; then they escalate in their elevations. These are also outbursts that are spent 360 degrees around. The number of these interfaced installations work together using the overlapping data to create Mosaic imagery. Then as with KARX here, you have the single site returns.

Ending with Te Echo Tops Format…   

This is the NEXRAD 1km Mosaic format. There are two loops, one of the U.S.. The second is a Sector map, in this case it is the northern planes. This is called the Flanis..  

Last is another method used in censoring these Covert Operations. Other methods are visible in the above returns. This is just stopping the data stream. It says there is an issue with the site, yet all of the above, except CONUS2, were archived after this message was published.

So, it continues.      For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  9th August 2016


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