La Crosse -WI Again Registers Ground Zero — KARX Shows Full HAARP/IRI Ring Diameter of Assault!

Under Development…

This is some of the images from the Ionospheric Heater – HAARP/IRI Ring event from the 28th July 2016. Links will eb added to recent events that registered center at this location. These are from NEXRAD -KARX – La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

In this evaluation, specific attention will be focused on the Hydrometeor Classification, its Algorithmic responses, and the color legend used in imagery. The echo Tops have been largely censored, but there are several loops that show just after the initial assault and the continued aftermath of excited atmospheric formations. More on all of this to come. For now here are the images for your viewing.     

This is the Hydrometeor Classification… More to come…

Here the Echo Tops is Censored. The second loops shows the aftermath of the Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms passage… This format is blank, as it should be, when there is no weather present. The view is from 70,000 feet at the center. The Rings should have been visible, but again, they have been wiped.

The NIU Radar returns show, as most do, only the most powerful radiants. These are the single frame that registered this event. The absence of the perimeter is due to the Ring having been  – Filtered. It is recognised by The Algorithm, then it is imaged using only the regions with the most powerful registration.

Las,t is from the UCAR System. This is a Mosaic image, the only one available, and it is only seen in this format. You will see the continuity of the central waveform…  

Until more can be edited in… For your consideration… 

There is a Future Weapons Arms Race and we are those that are being experimented upon. That, Outside of Law…!  

otterwalks:  29th July 2016

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2 Responses to La Crosse -WI Again Registers Ground Zero — KARX Shows Full HAARP/IRI Ring Diameter of Assault!

  1. Mary Janis says:

    This morning my heart is racing again. This can go on well over 24 hours. It feels like I have been running the whole time and I am exhausted. I looked on Wunderground and, sure enough, I see the spikes in a ring like sun rays coming from LaCrosse, WI. I live north of there in Buffalo City, WI. When this is happening in LaCrosse and Minneapolis, it is very hard on me physically. I am trying to sell I everything I own to move from here, but I cannot hear from Holy Spirit where to go yet. What can I do to stop these effects on my heart? I have no protection and if it were not for Holy Spirit I feel I would be dead already. I have looked at the orgonite stuff but it doesn’t make sense to me and appears to be fake.

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    • otterwalks: says:

      Greetings, It has taken some bit of time, but the next La Crosse centered assault is about to be presented. For me, I hear the frequencies. There are systems to ground the EMF. I have designed a foot plate model and am near completion of its upgrade to a dipolar system. This or a true Faraday enclosure would aid you. There are many that suffer from EMF sensitivity. There are many persons working to create systems that block the frequency radiation that we are all exposed to. It would take a full article to cover some of the basics of these issues. One thing you need to do is keep yourself in good health. The gut, the immune system is your second brain. Keep them both as clean and functionally optimum as possible. You have to stop as much exposure as possible to all things frequency based. I for one have never used a cell phone. Unplug appliances that are not in use. Turn off the breakers for unused rooms or electric baseboard heat if not in use. You can create your own Quiet room, This will in time bring you some peace. There are companies that are building EMF block housing and retrofitting. Naturally this is extremely expensive. For the moment, if you have a closet you can use. Use heavy aluminum foil to cover all internal surfaces. Overlap the seams and use conductive tape to keep them in place. Put up a strip, tape it, overlap the next, tape it. You need to do all surfaces on the inside. When you enter the quiet room you do not take anything with you. No battery powered flash lights, nothing. Then you need to finish the seal using foil put into the gap around the doorway, or conductive tape. Unless you have a Smart meter on the adjacent wall, you will note a major change. There will be a quite that has been forgotten in this age. As to a move? I have spent over four decades looking for the right place. The Northern Hemisphere lacks good locations for the most part. A simple look at a NEXRAD Mosaic will expose that.And then there are the 10,000 other issues. Wish I had more for you. More later. Thank you for taking the time to comment. You and yours be well, o…


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