Massive HAARP/IRI Ring Event Esperance-Australia – Following Six Weeks of Spiral Vortex Operations

Breaking:  La Crosse, WI has just registered a Full HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater -Ring Event. Censorship has kicked in, but a 16 images from different formats have been archived… Developing… 

This is actually a far more complex Heater Operation than the this Ring event itself. This an Extremely powerful traverse of a Synthetic Plasmic Waveform. This passed through a region, Esperance being its center, which had undergone a primer function over more than a month. Esperance has, with cyclic regularity, created Outbursts which appear as Spiral Vortices. There will be a few examples after the images from this HAARP/IRI event in Esperance today.

I am fully confident that Esperance or the area to its west have been under regular Aerosol disbursal. A constant conductive field would be an aspect of this long run R and D. The efforts that have been made have gone to the continued excitement that is Radar Divisor Function, – the visual Spiral Vortex continuum – as such it is corrupted Tesla Mysticism, taken to extremes. Tesla patented the Scalar Bottle Complex, – or Box – stating that when lasers from different origins are sent forth with the intent of their collision, in space that that would in fact create an absence of matter: the Scalar Box Paradox. It was, and has continued to be a mainstay of Technocratic research since the technology became available. The curiosity which has driven this is one of multitudinousness potentials. Among them, but by no means a complete list are the search for contact with other dimensions, the creation of a portal through 4d and beyond, the faux Illuminati wish to use this technology to bring forth inter dimensional Beings; in short this is the stuff that science fiction has worked to propagate acclimation  to such potentials: and far, far, more… This becoming accustomed to new conditions is what DARPA and Technocratic efforts continue with all things Frequency. More specifically, to a Bernaysian methodology, ending in a mind controlled state, which lacks self examination through critical thought. This will be dealt with in more depth when the events of Esperance over the last five plus weeks is formatted and presented.

In summation… The Paradox comes to be as the absence of all matter, a void, must be something. Nothingness becomes something: it is Void, Yet that,  -IS…  The constant modulation, described thus: alteration of the amplitude or frequency of an electromagnetic wave or other oscillation in accordance with the variations of a second signal: such as the modulation of the ray amplitude will result in what researchers observe in the modulation of electrical conductance. So, in essence, we observe that we have an area which has been slowly bent toward the Void. This conditioning, upon reaching an apex which the Algorithm denotes is primed, then becomes ground zero for the inducted Synthetic Plasma which passes through the field with ease. RDF is the bending of Radar Radiants by the induction of one or more Laser Beacons through a Spiral Outburst. The linear path of the projected wheel or spokes of the Burst, having been impacted, move to a new pathway. This is the path of nature. It is The Path of Least Resistance. That which all Life follows, in a relative sense being free of entropic forces that create inertial blockades. 

This will be revisited and further extrapolated when the sister data is linked to this event. These are images of the HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Ring which impacted Esperance.  

Esperance Radar is not a single tower installation. It has numerous dishes, a Radome enclosed Radar system, and you will note the long shadows that are present in this interfaced Array network. There are all manor of dat collection systems and the tech continues to be upgraded in a constant refinement. This is all done by design. The disinformation regarding the imagery, from glitch to clutter and more, is part of the P.R. Propaganda Agenda that is in use. There are few Conspiracy Theories herein. There is the continued need the Evaluate the Conspiracies that are in play. This is The Future Weapons Arms Race…! It is Technocracies headlong race to M.A.D. !  

This is the look of the A.K.A. Weather Radar Towers that are being deployed across the Earth. Australia being of particular interest the T.P.T.B.

This is a short visual in which the induced Laser action can be seen in the returns. This is the look of the Operations that lead up to this Assault, Remember, we are not talking about Phased Array outgoing and returning data. This is incoming Synthetic Plasmic Radiation that has been bounced off of the Ionosphere. This is 3.1 Billion watts, or in this case likely more, inbound. Passing through all that is in its 3d path. It is Tomographic, penetrating the earth, exciting it’s subterranean molecular structure. 

This annotated image is from the 21st July. It shows the induced laser and Ring Sign to the Northwest.  

And some from the 27th July 2016…  

The events of Esperance are still in development. They will be extensive. There will be more information and a return to this dialogue as the day after day of events of the above nature are shown. Until then…

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  28th July 2016


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