HAARP/IRI Heater Ring – Confirmation – Namoi Australia – Not Moree as Suspected

Note: This was posted as having an unknown origin…

New South Wales has had an Ionospheric Heater Ring Register. Generically speaking, this is labeled a HAARP Ring. It is an impact of Synthetic Plasmic Energy. This Waveform appears to have registered center at Namoi, Australia’s Radar installation: part of the interfaced, undergoing upgrades, actuarial data collection system of – Radars – in Australia. 

The location of this Ring is somewhat elusive. Single site radars of the region do not show the event. Data appears very limited on this assault. Namoi – Blackjack Mountain, Australian Radar installation has been confirmed as the origin of this event. These are the images in gif format…  

The prior unconfirmed origin was center registry Moree, Australia. It is now confirmed to be Namoi as this event has again occurred and confirmation was made possible. 

When images of the upgraded Namoi installation become available, they will be added or changed out with the current images of Moree from the past.  otterwalks: Updated – 30th July 2016…  The new event at Namoi is still to come.

Here are a few images of the Moree Radar system..  

These are open sourced images which do not have an accompanying data. There are no timestamps or dates. These images to not appear to be of the technology in use at this time. For no thing there is no protective Radome shown. As with all existing BoM and U.S. over site installations, they are being upgraded, or that process has been completed regarding the evolution which the Technologic Orchestrators desire. 

 For now, the region of New South Wales is shown, and those in that region should be told they are being used in experimentation of the development of Future Weapons. That Radio Tomography Frequencies consisting of Synthetic Plamic, Radiant Waveforms, has Radiated them!  

Should more data surface, it will be added. If you have anything to ad in imagery or personal knowledge about the location involved, feel free to leave a note. Any current images of the Namoi installation could be telling.

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  27th July 2016

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