IRI Assault Perth – Serpentine Radar Australia Registers Center

Perth, Australia – Spiral Vortex – Radar Divisor Function – Ionospheric Heater/IRI – 2.0 Style  

Developing: This event comes on the heels of near constant, cyclic activity, similar nature to Perth’s to the Southeast registering out of Esperance.  

Live Link from second imaged site down:<YP=tag&LANG=en&STRUCTUR=_&W=0&L=0&SLP=0&ROAD=0&CITY=&LF=0&SUM=0&LOOP=1

If you watch this and see the Spiral, click on the next time format below the top. It is located in the bottom right of the screen. These are the archives. They may work over the next three days.

Then, there is the issue of censorship. Weather Underground and single site Radars went off-line for a yet to be determined duration. It appears at this time to be at least three hours and may be as many as eighteen hours of wiped returns. Note: It is still being researched. A return to this article may have that confirmation data and other information the is of relevance. Here are some of the images… 

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is akin to the NWS in the U.S.. The data distribution comes from the collected whole, and mosaic imagery is enabled by the interfaced installations. 

There is a Global Powers, Future Weapons Arms Race, which is moving faster to negate the visual collection of data by the collected Actuarial program. This is in turn with its own oversight; the algorithmic one, that has the Global orchestration of these IRI assaults within its functional parameters. 

More as this event unveils itself… Perth – Serpentine Radar ?      Really…!    I mean Really…!  

otterwalks:  13th July 2016  


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