Typhoon Nepartak Future Weapons Arms Race Unveiled

This, once again, is the evidence of Future Weapons tech at work in the creation of Extreme Weather. In this case it is Typhoon Nepartak, which is hitting Taiwan dead on after days of DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – have manipulate the potential natural conditions. This evolutionary process is captured by various sensors, both on earth and in space. 

The easiest way to convey this, is for you to imagine a Microwave. These are the frequencies that are in use and the end result is the same; heating… 

Most all U.S. Battleships are either being built with this type of laser technology as part of its weapons and defense systems, or they are being retrofitted with the LaWS or newer, more effective systems. This of course only one small facet of the current Future Weapons Arms Race. 

This is Radar imagery for 7th July 2016, showing Taiwan, imaging two frames per hour.  To show this, large, short, chronological gifs are presented. Longer loops require them to be made smaller as the number of images are added. 


Now, this is from the 6th July 2016. This format reads microwave frequencies. This images one frame per hour in three day loops. At this point this short gif shows activity behind the Typhoon’s cell, moving it westward.

Here is a number of loops which begin on the 3rd July. They reveal the presence of the waveforms, imaging four frames per hour. By the last, the Storm has clearly formed. The process has beacons traversing the optimum region from a number of directions as the Operation tweaks the potential bound in nature, manipulating it to this type of endpoint result. **** 

One visible splay of frequency which, if the imagery was larger, could show its location of origin to the south. In the past triangulation efforts have brought forth revelations regarding points of origin. Thus, exposing both land bases and varied Mobile Array or battle cruiser deployments.

Watch for the pulse from the north… 

The Typhoon takes on the classic form that is the signature of these type weather events.   

This is a link to the prior link which need this data processed for its completion. 


For your consideration:

otterwalks: 7th July 2016

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