Developing – Taiwan -Induced Microwave Future Weapons and Super Typhoon Nepartak

The first Typhoon of the Western Pacific season is poised to make landfall on Taiwan. Taiwan’s military mobilized thousands of troops, and Premier Lin Chuan was briefed by emergency officials Wednesday.

Nepartak is now a Category 5 storm and has sustained winds of 175 mph and gusts up to 207 mph. It’s the year’s first Category 5 hurricane or typhoon anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, Colorado State University hurricane expert Phil Klotzbach said.

When Nepartak formed Sunday, it ended an all-time record storm drought in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It had been 200 days since a tropical storm or typhoon had formed in that part of the world, according to Colorado State University hurricane expert Phil Klotzbach.

That broke the previous storm-free stretch of 198 days, he said. The North Pacific is the most active ocean for tropical cyclones — hurricanes and typhoons — in the world.  

Ferocious winds, drenching rain and battering waves are all likely as the storm makes landfall, reported. Typhoon warnings have been posted for portions of eastern Taiwan, the country’s Central Weather Bureau said.

The weather bureau said nearly three feet of rain could drench some parts of Taiwan. This can lead to potentially deadly flash flooding, along with mudslides and rock slides, warned.

Typhoons are the same types of storms as hurricanes. They’re called typhoons west of the International Date Line. Typhoons become Super Typhoons when their sustained winds reach 150 mph, which is equivalent to a strong Category 4 hurricane. 

There are many links up for data and news reports of this massive storm.  

Extreme Weather, in this day, is not always 100% natural in it’s making or steering. More imagery showing the microwave waveforms that were induced as this Super Typhoon formed. They will be added when formatted…

This is yet another example of the Future Weapons Arms Race which is the direction Warfare is headed. When it is refined in its totality, the Microwave evidence will doubtless be negated.  

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  7th July 2016


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5 Responses to Developing – Taiwan -Induced Microwave Future Weapons and Super Typhoon Nepartak

  1. Peter says:

    Hi i commend your research into this. The Esperance Radar in Western Australia has been showing a spiral of about 7 or eight arms for v the past few days 19-22 July 2016.
    Just sayin!

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    • otterwalks: says:

      Yes, you are quite correct. There is so much data in the archives, that I am overwhelmed with the formatting processes. Indeed Esperance has been an Operational – Laser Induced creation of a Spiral Vortex – Scalar 2.0 site which is being processed for presentation. The issue is, we are in the peak season for the Northern Hemispheric Heater R and D, run by the Technocratic – in their minds – elite… Esperance is close. The focus will be on Ops from over the past month, with the aim of edification of the how Radar Beacons can be turned to a Path of Least Resistance as patented by Tesla. A.K.A. Scalar Bottle Paradox.

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  2. Peter says:

    Wow sounds like you’ve confused the hell out of me with all that jargon😲😊. Scalar 2.0? Scalar bottle paradox? I think my knowledge is only scratching the surface.
    My burning question is simply, why? I understand it could be used as a weapon and communications. But the earth being such a fragile ecosystem I cannot comprehend why man thinks that controlling weather is going to do any good. But it obviously goes beyond all this. Coupled with the fact that the sun is entering quite a low solar minimum, this effect alone will effect the weather. Again just sayin! And thanks for your reply and education for layman folk like me, who are waking up! !!

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    • otterwalks: says:

      You have answered much of your own thoughts. I like a critical thinker. Thank you for commenting. There should be links both here and in search engines that will explain more -Scalar Bottle Paradox. Compressed- no physics – Tesla posited that should you have two Lasers in different locations, send them at the same time to meet in space; that point of intersection becomes a catalyst. The end result is that all matter within – a Boxed area as Tesla’s drawings show – is negated. Upon reflection; the absence of all Matter, a void, a nothingness, has to be a something. Thus, paradox. This is what DARPA and Technocracy is actively testing in the Nevada Proving Grounds – most of the State of NV – and what you are witness to in the Esperance Returns. Keep watching them and you will see an induced laser. This is what makes the linear Outburst from an installation change its path. It, as all energy will seek a path of Least Resistance. It is the Golden Sector. It resides in radiants like Pi and Phi. This is how nature has grown or evolved over time. Pine cones, Cacti, Pineapples, flowers, eggs, human being. We all show this trait. In this R and D the search goes to the content of the void. That is a long topic with many potentials. Science Fiction as we have seen portrayed is propaganda to acclimate us to new realities. Better said: To realities that have previously been beyond the common dialectic. o…


  3. Peter says:

    Awesome thanks for your time and effort explaining this concept. Off to do some more R and D myself!!


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