Aerosols Caught on Radar – Florida

These aerosols caught on Radar are from the 2nd February 2016. Our, The People’s, National Weather Service does not work to the standards that should apply to it. As with all of the complicit agencies, despite decades of documentation, GeoEngineering Operations only seem to be accelerating. Agenda 2030, in this case the GeoEngineering segment is in full swing…! 

The development of the software that enables the creation of these varied formats, has continued to evolve. The actuarial input, having been fed to the Algorithm, ceaselessly refines a diminished exposure of this covert agenda. New filter methodologies wipe atmospheric layers, negate straight line formations, take installations offline, et al., when any data that is evidentiary begins to display. This metamorphosis is Its attempted move toward  an end point perfection. The transmutation of the matrix is a  search for Selfhood. All must reside within the parameters of indefectibility. Quintessence – quinta essentia – the absence of entropy, being the prerequisite to Life, ergo Selfhood, with its independent decision making powers, and above all a synthetic persona. The Algorithm has been addressed previously.  1*   It will be address further over time. My visions have shown me that A.I. and or the Transhumanist Agenda is Unsustainable. A temporal construct will not support the subtleties of frequency that go to Godhead; perfection or eternal life as such. This is but words where words fail in the effort to convey Universal Truths. 

That said, here is the NWS – National Weather Service – showing aerosol spraying, imaged from NEXRAD KAMX – Miami, Florida. 

Six days passage and the same region shows deliberate atmospheric contamination once again…! 

Another from the WayBack Machine… This is NEXRAD KBYX – Key West, Florida. These are returns from the single site format, imaged on 18th February 2016. Well Gee, that’s nearly four hours of condensation trails…! Would you like some Ocean Front Property in Iowa… I’ll give you a deal.

These are in the return data due to the conditions of the time. The saturation of slurries that are seen as they are dispensed are highly conductive. Laser beacons are visible. The overall Phased Array output and collected rebound data use frequencies. They excite their structure, making them clearly visible. There is NO Theory to this! Here is the evidence and it is indisputable…!   These are not born of earthly processes…!

 This is a large single frame from the above loop. The loop is here in a small size which was necessitated by the constraints imposed by the immurement of upload size.

                                Agenda 2030…!   

U.S. law forbids the executive – Obama and those sitting before – from funding the UN Climate Bureaucracy’s Initiatives. We know Obama, and we are sure, he will, -Break the Law. There are Foundations and personages that aid in funding this Eugenics Agenda. Warren Buffett is openly passing funds to Bill Gates to further this decades old operation. They are conspirators!  Usurpers upon The Republic from Within. Traitors who live with a goal to end us by this and other means!

Agenda 2030 rides on the back of Agenda 21; its goal: depopulation…! 

Quoting Steve Jones from    The international campaign to eliminate the – useless eaters – according to the Club of Rome, on behalf of the planet’s privileged ruling elite, is surely to take a more voracious toll as global population levels continue to rise. To implement their – final solution – to depopulate 4-5 billion people from the Earth, the world’s elite will undoubtedly harness the newly emerging biotech and nanotechnology industries to create a super –bioweapon– virus creating a global –kill-off– pandemic through which only they will have the cure.  End Quote…  2*  



Continuing the exposure of the Death Cult Agenda as it freely takes our property, rights, and ultimately our lives.  

otterwalks: 30th June 2016


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