Taiwan Aerosols Caught on Radar

This is from the 28th June 2016. For the most part the aerosols are seen off of the east coast of Taiwan. 

I should name this, something like:                                                                                                                            The Global Aerosols Assault Caught on Radar exposé…

I could name all of the global sites that have shown this agenda in Operation easier than show them to you. Everyone likes evidence. In this loop an image occurs twice an hour.Once every thirty minutes. Here is a link to a real U.S. capture. There are many more to come. 


It was too long, covering over fourteen hours, so what is presented is unfortunately sized down to function. Hopefully you can command plus or have a nice large screen. 

Look-Up…! This is an admitted agenda that is carried on World Wide. It’s time to speak up!  Stop ignoring the Fact That We Now Live on/in Gas Chamber Earth. Toxins from above are part of a multifaceted agenda. None of which end results is for our benefit as a species. Not for our parents, us, our children, and their progeny. 

Check the above link to see returns that run from four to six minutes apart. That makes this a verifiable, linear visual. It is complete with the cross hatching that is classical in the documentation of peoples videos and photographs. 

More to come, including an update to Japan’s GeoEngineering. There is an article on Aerosols over Fukushima, with photos from over time. When it is located, the link will be added.

Awareness is Preparedness… 

otterwalks:  28th June 2016

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