Keflavik -Iceland -Continued Future Weapons Assault!

This is an assault! The current Future Weapons Arms Race only escalates. This Technology is driven by the same Robber Barons that have profited for centuries. Their rise to POWER through diversion, corruption, spinning  logic making unfounded belief systems seem as truths or having nonexistent negative effects. There is an Agenda. Its system is become Global in its present Mind Game. These are the pretenses of thought processes begotten by the Technocratic Elite to minimize discord, enabling useful minions to carry out operations under false beliefs. Mind control has been around in varied forms through mankind’s evolution. Power seems to be a given in circles that wish to govern populations. With the claim to power has come irrational thought processes. This Frequency Weapons Race is among the current goals of a cabal that believes it knows the best for all that is: with their best interests in the forefront of all of their actions. I digress… 

This is Southwest Iceland on the 19th June 2016, followed by the continued, that is to say, that we know of; the first of over twenty five hours of constant Synthetic Plasmic, Tomographic, Radioactive exposure. Do you remember volunteering?   

This is the Keflavik Radome dated 2006. By 2008, NATO was working to upgrade and bring this system back online.

This continues into the 20th June…  

This is available in GIF format. It has been presented as such – in sections that enable larger sized loop imagery – without the time consuming efforts that reformatting demands. If you know of a means to create video from GIF format, please send the link through… At this time this is one frame at a time when put to video. And, No… I do not have video equipment to film and present in video format.

Below is another image of Keflavik Radar from the Cold War era. You are seeing the data that is interfaced with all current Technological actuarial metadata systems in use for/by The Algorithm. This exists as it is wished to be presented to the public. Transparency remains a given issue regarding these Covert Operations. This is an Arms Race and as such, Future Weapons are not openly available to humanity.

Survive-All…  Awareness is Preparedness… 

otterwalks:  21st June 2016

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