Weather Modification in Action -With New Data

This is Tulsa TDWR Doppler Radar working the weather in the Southern Central States. Quite a lot of moisture is now being directed inland from the Gulf and across northern Mexico from the Pacific. It is self evident, so here is the system in action.  

This is moisture that should have gone to the drought stricken Western States. This is one aspect that I have not seen addressed. It is NEXRAD KSOX in Santa Ana Mt. – Silverado, CA. 

Here is what has been happening nonstop for years. This installation is generating an RF/EMF blockade. First is the Intellcast Weather Radar which shows the seemingly empty or blank square region infused with very high frequency.

This is the same site showing the current RF in a single frame format.  You can see the circular Pink RF and the static imagery is indicative of high energy waveforms actively directing moisture southward. The atmospheric particulates, water, and manmade concoctions are then moved over land and pushed and pulled up and into the central tier. Red is listed as moving away from and the green is air movement toward the installation. As you see, that does not work with this constant Waveform in action.

These are short loops from the College of DuPage website. The first is a base format- Digital Reflectivity. It should be mentioned that this can be found any day, at any time. It has been a key aspect of the drought agenda for years. One day I will have a video of this event covering the last five years.  Again, you will see the rings within the square region working the weather. There is a link at the bottom.

Now, here is the tell…! In this Hydrometeor Classification format the legend shows the Frequency unveiled. It reads as -Unknown… It is extremely High RF, and you can find it any time at the link below. You can change the number of images in the loop by clicking the number on the left. These have been twelve image loops so that they could be present in a larger format. The link below will take you to a 96 image loop. This is a CONUS NEXRAD Map, followed by an annotated frame from the Hydrometeor Classification.

Go ahead and try it. I can guarantee you will see this. It is a constant…!   

More to come on the Mexican installations working across Mexico and working the Southern shores of the Gulf. It is all an interfaced system. This is a key aspect of the drought’s functional agenda. 

UPDATE: 4th June 2016. The Tulsa -TDWR-Operation continues. Here are images from the 3rd and then the 4th…

4th June 2016…   

It is working, is it not?  The equation is simple… Make NEXRAD a publicly transparent system. Stop the misuse: End The Drought!  Naturally, GeoEngineering is part and parcel of this agenda. End the Covert Future Weapons Race.

For you consideration and exploration…

otterwalks:  3rd June 2016

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3 Responses to Weather Modification in Action -With New Data

  1. dmdeedee says:

    I watched the areas of the nation being zapped for years on radar. Any area of precipitation moving into the regions would just disappear. Not sometimes, but all of the time. This would show up as radar rings and then on Level II radar on Weather Underground. The radar signatures have changed and changed and changed so that many free public radar sites don’t show the advanced radars where they can be viewed.
    The AWC radar shows the NEXRAD being used across the nation but limited use.

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    • otterwalks: says:

      They continue to negate transparency. Yes, The changes continue as the programming software and the Algorithm, continue to filter, and negate data. i would say you are spot on.
      Thank you for taking the time to add you input. If only there were more of likes of you. o…

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