IRI/HAARP Event – Centered NEXRAD KNQA – Memphis TN

Future Weapons tech was captured mid-operation on Radar returns centered – NEXRAD installation KNQA – Memphis, Tennessee – 8th May 2016. Wether IRI/HAARP or another label given to varied Global Ionospheric Heater types, the induced Synthetic Plasmic Waveform, is… They are outside of law experimentation. It is doubtful that it is due to inept National Security protocols. Thereby it becomes De Facto proofs of some nefarious covert agenda being raised upon global citizenries.   1*

This is the Echo Tops return Format from the CoD image actuaries. The loop, with the stratospheric ring passage drops one half hour of imagery. This was likely the start of respondent censorship methods, negating the event from public record. 

CoD Base Reflectivity or Digital Reflectivity…  

CONUS Morphed Composite Imagery – single image and detail…  

Each of these circular puffs is online, emitting radiant frequency. Think your WiFi, your Smart Meter are issue…? This, is an issue…!

Regional Flanis from the NIU data presentation systems…  

NIU imagery in gif and single images…  

Cod Differential Reflectivity format with single return shots added. These are showing peak radiant frequency; the speckling is indicative of this type of signature. The legend shows an extremely low frequency -TH. It is the same black that is the backdrop in use.  The form you have been seeing is at times seen within Rings. The absence of a visual ring does not show that this is a NEXRAD Outburst. It is the system’s attempt at presenting RF/EMF Radiation as it pushes aside the installation’s standard function. It is a shock to the system. There is a continued effort to prevent data of these impacts. This belongs in the category of abhorrent unethical science. 

Cod Digital Differential Phase…  

Hydrometeor Classification… The espousal which regards this return format, is that regionally it shows the type of atmospheric fallout. No one geographically located can attest to the particulate type seen here at the imaged Time Stamps.

Cod One Hour Precipitation imagery…  

CoD Digital VIL… A spectral range of High Frequency… 

Last is an image from NIU -Northern Illinois University -showing the onset of image corruption which leads to negation. Censorship is alive; A.I. is a testy, at times impetuous entity. Sometimes it lets something slip through. We doubtless see an incomplete view. It is evidentiary none the less.  

That shift within the above image prevents its upload. There is corrupt code which has made it unreadable. The event can still be seen, though its color code, split image, -as though torn in the Matrix -and the linear static attest systematic focus changing this specific return.  

1  *

otterwalks:  10th May 2016

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