Weather Modification Operations Tulsa -Oklahoma -TDWR Radar Online

This is Tulsa Oklahoma TDWR Radar whipping up storm cells. Weather Modification has entered the societal dialectic. The paradigm shift has become integrated as a given. No longer is it a theory; it is an actionable, known, given fact. The following is imagery showing the response that atmospheric moisture, doubtless permeated with conductive particulates, undergoes when induced with RF/EMF Waveforms. 

The operation spins bursts of electromagnetic energy in what simply put, appears as a Pinwheel in its action. Its rotation aiding in the creation of localized, newly formed, synthetic storm cells. At the same time it is functionary in steering the building Extreme Weather at the heart of this agenda. There is a larger picture in play. It includes NEXRAD throughout the southeast and Aerosol disbursals. That to mention a few. 

Not presented at this time Georgia’s Moody AFB has its own story to tell today; it is a continuum. A central Outburst is frequent from this locale. Surrounding installations to pulse laser beacons through far more powerful Radiants projecting in even more extreme wheel formats. More on the Scalar 2.0 Operations that are linked with these to come. They include a panoply of other agendas, but they are to a large enough degree visible in returns, that like Tulsa TDWR, they present some visually evident change. That is only the entrance of the rabbit hole of this Technocratic R and D.  

This is the 0.60 degree elevation in the Base Reflectivity at 225 NMI Range.

Next for larger context is the NIUSP imagery showing the same operation as it draws, compresses, and steers… 

These are varied elevation formats. They are ranged at 48 NMI distance from the base station. Note the volume of RF shown in the legend as pink in color.  They range from the Base Radial Velocity at 0.20 degrees. The second is the same format, but at 1.00 degrees elevation. The third is from 2.10 degrees elevation. In this format the incline shows the actionable passage through the building storm cells; as seen in the first loop from the 0.60 degree elevation in the Base Reflectivity at 225 NMI Range.

I would present these loops combined as 30 image returns. Unlike the first, largely absent color, they will not combine without corruption. So here are sets of three, each at the elevation mentioned above. First, Base Radial Velocity at 0.20 degrees.  

Base Radial Velocity at 1.00 degrees…  

Base Radial Velocity at 2.10 degrees…  

Last it is now 12:30 PM CDT – 1:30 Eastern… This is the continued Base Reflectivity at 0.60 degrees. 

As you can see this operation continues and the end results are visually indisputable. 

We live in interesting times. 

otterwalks:  8th May 2016

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