IRI/HAARP like High RF/EMF Impacts Continue Agenda Iceland Faces

Today, 26th April 2016, the eastern region of Icelandic Sovereign lands were besieged by an offensive incursion. This was in the form of Future Weapons technology.

As is visible below, eastern Iceland has been undergoing a Synthetic Plasmic assault. The first loop is comprised of ten images. These show the peak impact time span of this event: that we know of from these returns. Not that any one portion holds less import. These frames clearly show the induced waveform and as such, have been put to a shorter, larger sized visual.

Of great interest is the clearly visible center of this attack, in a location that is not one of the publicly available, mapped areas in Iceland.  I say attack, as this covers a greater time span, nearly ten hours of imagery that shows ring sign.

This location appears northwest of Hofn AFS. It may be a mobile ground Array with interfaced tech to collect data from this clearly intensional onslaught! There are many technological potentials that could be in play here. As they are beyond known agendas, which, it seems, reside in the form of Covert Operations, anyones guess may be viable regarding this events capture.   


Here are maps showing the location of ground installations around Iceland that are its Radar’s positions.  

Continued 27th April ’16:                                                         Iceland’s Synthetic Plasmic Assault Spreads Across the Sovereign Island State. Ring Activity Returns to The Southwestern Keflavik Locale.   

Previously, I made mention of maps showing US/NATO, Globalist, Technocratically run Radar –Arrays -in operation, around the Island’s perimeter. The following is online and archived for three days. Here is a link to follow 24 hour near real time returns.   

This is in todays live feed Radar returns, showing renewed or potentially continued, Ring sign in the imagery. This is being data mined for Actuaries and fed into -The Algorithm. Varied, largely unknown, agendas have continuously penetrated Icelandic Territorial boundaries. This experimentation is gathered as compilation of Meta Data. All of the complete results –the reactions -that may come of this, operationally consist of far more than these loops present. The R and D systems are comprised of more than the Array or Ionospheric Heater that initiated the operation.

To the Corporate Military Complex, Iceland is a Praia. The Radiants involved in this constant Tecehnotronic Future Weapons  Attack are Eugenics based. The region is in a constant molecular vibratory state. The Plasmic Radiants are heating this foundation-ally volcanic location. All ends that come from this will have a negative consequence. An effect upon areas beyond Iceland specifically. This is compressed data being presented in a format which lacks the capability to render an in depth explanation. It is a given that only the agendas which specifics have been released, albeit redacted, present here. The research of many persons and the data which is archived begin to show the fullness of this madness. This is the future here and now. There exists a weaponization in use to the ends of the Death Cult –Eugenics -agenda. The continued exposure there of benefits only the War Machine.

Further Links are located at the end of this article. 

The following are gif format returns from today the 27th April 2016. They are from Keflavik, Iceland in the southwest region.   

The loop below is a short run of the central time stamps that reveal this assault. There is evidence that this continued for at least nine hours. The most damning evidence resides in these easily visualized returns.  

As other Technology is interfaced with the systems that collect and create images from the received return data, the scope of the interfaced systems is one that may only be revealed in the distant future. This is a covert agenda. It is and has been in operation for decades as the R and D continues to refine the usage, all reason has been abandoned. The clear military scope of these developments exponentially evolve. 

There are Aircraft fitted with tech we have little clue regarding. There are space platforms and satellites involved. Mobile arrays are in use on land and at sea. Target acquisition uses a triangulation methodology. The paths traversed from their genesis targeting the Ionosphere, then rebound in an over the horizon projection. These synthetic plasmic pulses move from pole to pole interspersed with refined point to point precision. With the future weapons arms race, a global pursuit, development and perfection are the goal. Newly constructed, online interfaced arrays continue in construction. Earth and the Ionosphere, with other steps between, are factors. Mobilized existing platforms rebound the newly calculated passage of the waveforms eventual end point. It has come forward that there are undersea arrays in existence. Logically their placement and or the frequencies in use are specific in their use. The Tomographic aspect herein a dulled by passage through water. This may be part of reason for the continued metallization of the oceans globally; conductivity. These 4d plasmic beacons are directed and redirected, refined toward their envisioned end point impact, by systems that exist unknown to the populous. Knowledge is divided, It is compartmentalized by design; the greater purpose, an agenda which is opposed to earthly existence even if it negates their own.     


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otterwalks:  27th April 2016

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