IRI/HAARP Wiped NEXRAD KICT Wichita, Kansas Center

A NEXGEN HAARP type impact occurred today centered at the NEXRAD KICT installation in Wichita, Kansas. The returns where quickly wiped. Here it is, showing on satellite imagery at 0330 Z or UTC and again at 0430 Z.   

This is the evening loop in which you will see the warnings posted directly over the region.  That usually is a confirmation sign when there is no visible storm cell in the region, and Extreme Weather comes along post event.

Below is imagery which normally would have looped in a manor which would have made access to the data available. The loop shows the period after the event.  There is clear evidence of RF frequency as the energy disburses. The twelve o’clock position has high RF still showing on these returns, the oldest images available

This is from the CoD Radar network. It is the Echo Tops Format. These are what could be archived. You will note that the time stamp runs through 0710 UTC and then drops all imagery until 0941 UTC.

That is all of the data of note. All of the real time data having been censored in one manor or another. If there are other articles about this high RF Event, they will be added in the future as links most likely. 

otterwalks: 24th April 2016


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