Icelandic Synthetic Plasmic Assault Continues

Preface: This goes to press as -Developing… New data will be added, and many current distractions exist. Therefore, this may require further editing as it is updated and errors noted. Time will tell… None the less the imagery and Time Stamps are such that you should be aware of.   o… 

These recent Radar returns show the continued impact of another Synthetic Plasmic Technologic creation. Visually the imagery from the 21st April BST, covers approximately, four plus hours. There is -Ring Sign -prior to these images, but they are visually sparse. They leave few clues in this Radar imagery format to show the incoming radiant, Eugenics assault to come. That, does not address the numerous operational parameters that, are this covert agenda. It seems clear that the Tomographic nature of a long running beacon is in play in Iceland, given the GeoPolitical Foundation they have created for us as a whole. 

Keflavik, Iceland has seen much of this activity in the recent past. 

Antarctic imagery is accessible online, in near real time, shown in a like manor. Over time there are conditions that enhance these optimum R and D efforts that are this Technocratic, compartmentalized, operational amplifiers codex. They are linked to seasonal changes. Earth’s tilt, with its seasonal progression, marches on. This can be visualized with conceptualized consistency. The primary focus, is the Pole to Pole sways. This is to say, that the starting location; where the genesis of the beacon begins: shifts as per season, as well as agenda. Change, being a constant in its duplicitous, temporal, extent, -is. Thus, we see the activity of regional experimentation shift. These polar opposites show the triangulation as a constant, in use for the refinement of Future Weapons. There exists a target acquisition itinerary. The Pulse is frequently comprised of short recurrent impacts. These traverse in over the horizon, trajectories. They may have an end point agenda, or they may be; simply put: kept existent for future usage. These waveforms are akin to gaming; there is a back and forth component. That is, until the intent surfaces. 

But, I digress… The point here, is that Iceland, -IS -The End Point here! That proves true given the duration of these assaults. The Synthetic Plasma is thereby spent. It’s radiant corrupting Iceland’s natural transformations.  

The presence, in continued imagery, proof of covert operations lacking transparency!  

Returns from 19th April 2016 with BST Time Stamp. This still does not cover all of the recent activity. I hope to add to this data over time. There are events that are screen shot and need to be formatted to present. For the moment here are two gif format loops.   

Here are the locations of U.S./NATO airbases which have continued to upgrade their -Radar -installations over time. When searching, the results largely go to press releases that date to 2006. They say that this location, as well as others previously, have been closed. They give varied reasons and mention public access to the airports as the reason for closure. 

Further research reveals that while Reykjavik Airport was closed, it has not been negated from Iceland’s NATO interfaced Radar network. These are from nearby Keflavik, Iceland, where continued upgrades allow the Radar return data above to be imaged in the format that is in use. This is one of countless formats that will show these operations.  

The following are maps and satellite imagery of Iceland showing the locations of ground based Installations. Note: Much of Iceland’s activity is gleaned through the use of aircraft. This ties to the network of interfaced satellites, ground installations, and mobile units; both on land and sea going in nature.  

The spin is that there are only four Radar installations on the ground in Iceland. That they are used for weather and air traffic control; this is not the complete story. You will note that there are five installations on this map. The fifth being Rockville AFS. It is not given a code as are the others which are H – 1 through H -4. As well The Rockville AFS site is the Reykjavik Airport which is clearly in use.

This map has the H -1 site marked at Reykjavik. So, we are told there are four installations and their own maps show five exist.  

Above is the Hofn, Iceland installation. It is shown here as a precursor to further imagery to come. It is on the eastern shore, as you will see in coming satellite imagery. There exists an array at this location along with other technology which work together, feeding actuarial data into The Algorithm.  

Above is H -3 the designation for the Hofn, Iceland Array. Even Google marks this as a NATO installation. That carries with it very clear implications. There are PDF files to research which cover a broad range of informational facts,  

Above the Radome one type of Ionospheric Array is seen spread across an area, antenna exist, their placement, as a grid.    

 This is a zoom on those antenna. When life and Tech allow, the event registered at this location, as the center, will be added.  

otterwalks:  23rd April 2016

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    Well.. þetta er búið að vera þarna allan April meira og minna ..líka að Austan ..ah akkurat við Kárhnjúka..ALCOA virkjunina… þannig… Ég kaupi ekki tilviljanir og ekki sísit þegar NATO= North Terrorist Organiztion vill koma hér inn – þau hryðjuverka samtök..


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