Australia Sees IRI/HAARP Taxon Experimentation Convergence Increase

This, once again is Adelaide, Australia under Future Weapons experimentation. The returns show the reverberation of the visual -Ring lasting just under an hour in length.

This is on the heels of an Icelandic Ionospheric Heater Impact; more on that to follow.

These Technocratic activities have been showing a massive increase over the last 24 hours. When time permits, there will be gif and video formats to view.

Here you see returns from Esperance, Australia which followed the IRI/HAARP type ring event. This is continued NEXGEN Spiral Vortex R and D which is Scalar 2.0 for lack of a better label. It is a waveform which tact has changed due to the induction of a secondary electromagnetic energy. The once stable radian having had its presence traversed thusly begins to curve. This is known as Radar Divisor Function; again it is amplified, many times over, when compared to Tesla’s Patents on The Scalar Bottle, with its paradoxical existence.This is a brief presentation, for the moment, as more will be added. 

Adelaide, Australia -Buckland Radar installation returns… 

This image, with its satellite overlay, shows how this synthetic plasmic beacon acts as a catalyst, exciting atmospheric moisture. Surrounding weather patterns change course in reaction to the inbound action of the EMF. That does not cover the multitude of other agendas encapsulated in this average 3.1 Billion watt discharge! This is 4d. It exists in the same time and place as the temporal universe, yet is not of it. The passage through all physical structure does not go without change. There is a massive footprint, from it’s origin, to the ionosphere, and down through all that it passes. It is tomographic in its form as well. 

This is the single site return showing how the center installation has created an actuarial image from the incoming data collection. 

Moving further into the 20th April ‘16, this is a few of the images from Esperance, Australia. The visual is telling…  There is a downward pulsed vertical laser beacon which is passing through the basic structure’s intrusive existence. That, the laser, has activated a move from a linear outburst to what appears as pinwheel. This is energy having been redirected to the Path of Least Resistance. The cork screw structure of the waveform is beyond the Algorithm’s methodologies where image capture is concerned; at least in its presentation for the public. 

To the east, Adelaide’s regional weather begins to intensify.   

More on the Weather Modification realities as this is fleshed out. 

For your consideration and the accumulative visual precepts that come from continued study. 

otterwalks:  20th April 2016


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