IRI/HAARP Ring New South Wales -Australia

Just happens that multiple Radars create a mosaic showing a sliver of a plasmic event…? So, tell me again how this is an anomalous return.

This is the only image to be found. It may be Sydney or one of the cluster of installations which is the center region imaging this event. You locals may have something to add which will pin point the central location of this plasmic attack. Its perimeter and within are all subject to the Waveform.

otterwalks:  7th April 2016


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5 Responses to IRI/HAARP Ring New South Wales -Australia

  1. Celeste says:

    Thank you. You always do great work! Comfrey is pooping 🙂

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    • otterwalks: says:

      Hope you have had a good winter. How goes it? Doubtless working the soil. My low tech system keeps eating time that I should have free to peruse others work. My bad… I have caved and am working videos for Youtube; one frame at a time. Comfrey… Guess I will send $ when you note price or when the new growth is harvested. As great people say: Much Love…


      • Celeste says:

        Excellent winter but I am thankful that it is spring. Well Moshe ran away and I caved and joined Facebook to get him back. It worked after 35 miles and 10 days away from home in below zero weather. Yes, the garden is coming along but most in house until the freezes stop. Of course perennials are up all over. We have our tiered garden as this years project. It will be a combo vineyard and Three Sisters area with a fruits tucked here and there. I am doing a radio show now. Keeps me busy. I have a big article to do after tomorrow’s show. Yes, as it is said, Much Love….

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      • otterwalks: says:

        I’m testing to see if this is a system I can use in private. Glad you found Moshe. Radio… That is a big bite for you to take. Facebook, you have a good return for your effort. Me, well; not in the foreseeable future. Still have to question Youtube choice. It has brought up readership. As an aside form what I can tell there are people that have me on Facebook and it brings in the seekers as well. Have to get on with this day away from the device. Until next… Much Love to you and yours. o…


      • Celeste says:

        All technology as you know has inherent dangers. At least we know the risks and can make the best educated conclusion. While readership, etc.. may go up most people who do social media, when push comes to shove, it is entertainment and a distraction. That said, the networking for lost dogs is incredible. Enjoy you day away 🙂

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