HAARP/IRI Ring Alice Springs -Australia

This radiant attack registers for a short period of time.  The loop imagery is running one image every six minutes. So, if this ring’s impact began just after the prior image and just before the projected image at 03:06 -UTC, it could have lasted a maximum of ten minutes. That does not account for the potential of filtered or wiped returns. The given is that central Australia was put under experimental attack by factions run amuck. There is a continued effort to amass actuaries, continually refining these weaponized systems over time. This Radio Frequency weaponization methodology is the R and D feeding the centralized, congealing, singularity; the interfaced Algorithm. All Action and Reaction fully dependent upon a matrix of unknowns. The Future Weapons are being integrated into the social mind set. Technologic advances are issued after propagated Corporate interests reach peak saturation levels; so much so, that acquisition at any cost is the motivator.  It is not visible, and as I cannot feel it, it is nonexistent. Tell that to those that have passed from the effects of Radiation. The geometric growth, the study, its experimentation, now exceeds our capacity to contain the wastes. The earth is become a sea of frequencies, awash with forth dimensional plasmic waveforms outside of our vision parameters. As mentioned these directed energy war machines are unknown to the physical senses. Plasma exists within our realm at the same time as we exist in the temporal world. We simply lack the capability to process all of the real and potential data that is this time/ space.  

Here are two images that do not have a legend. That leaves us with limited data regarding the makeup of this heater beacon. There are other sites, but their time stamps and colored frequency legends are formatted differently. Here is the Alice Springs, Australia Ionospheric Heater event. 

That seems rather massive. 

This is Eugenics. It is the fabrication of a legend being pursued for future plausible deniability. Exposure to frequency increases the vibratory pace of all it passes through. That beings cellular degeneration which ends in death or the onset of rapid repair efforts. These are a type of cancer, they are cells growing to replace rapid entropic degradation, and they grow unchecked in their frenzied reconstruction. This same acceleration of the time clock of life leads to abhorrent responses in all that enables function within this waking state.    

otterwalks:  22nd March 2016

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