HAARP/IRI Ring Centered Adelaide -Buckland Park, Australia

So far, this is the only image available of this Ionospheric Heater class event. While its origin remains unknown, if the returns read true, it appears to be a mid operation impact purposefully targeted, then repulsed. This is akin to the workings of electrical substation transfers. This agenda’s substations are Globally interfaced to rebound and redirect these varied synthetic beacons. As stated in unclassified Dod Budgetary documents; under Quote: Coherent Feedback Control Thrust: – Increase the number of devices per optimization handled by the computational simulation engine. These are creations of focused energy akin to CME’s except they exist within the protective envelope which surrounds earth.

Combined with Stratospheric Aerosol disbursal, a catalytic condition excites the conductive fields thus created and a chemical reaction ensues. This is the factual means of Ozone Negation; the depopulation Agenda. It’s existence confirmed in real time imagery of Nacreous cloud formations which grow in number and extend beyond their polar origins, migrating toward the equatorial belt. This IRI grid continues the transmission of these contained waveforms. Their distribution an interconnection of centralized generation installations and secondary substation like installations for continued distribution. As these central generation arrays rebound off of the ionosphere enabling over the horizon transference.

images open source

Note the trees… These images are NOT located at the Polar regions! This is Ozone negation imaged in operation. This multi-venue convergence of operations is weakening the firmament, thus allowing solar radiation in the forms of UV-A, B, and Deadly UV-C, to pass and impact the surface structure of earth. 

I read the multi thousand page Budgets for the DoD and NSSL. The following are snippets that are born of FACT! They read as Science Fiction and confirm Technologic Agendas that actually exist and continue to be funded.

The DoD Budget from 2013; unclassified states this is: to discover properties of biological systems that cross multiple scales of biological architecture and function, from the molecular and genetic level through cellular, tissue, organ, and whole organism levels. Continuing -the, mapping basic clock circuitry in biological systems from the molecular level up through unique species level activities with a special emphasis on the applicability to human biology. And under a notation regarding 2011 Accomplishments; Quote: Applied scientific principles of mathematical decoding to elucidate the basis of temporal-spatial signatures within biological systems, particularly with respect to human biology. – Compiled existing published techniques and approaches for deciphering temporal coding in genetic sequences and determined appropriateness of specific algorithms for elucidating periodic processes in DNA. 

Continuing… the mechanisms behind these phenomena, which may provide significant insight into artificial ionization caused by descending plasma plumes. 

Further… A major emphasis of this thrust is to provide predictive models for the interactions between plasmas and electromagnetic waves across a range of energy and length scales, and into new regimes. Specific projects that fall under this heading are foundational studies on the initiation, propagation, and attachment of lightning, and their associated emissions; the critical factors affecting magnetospheric sub-storms; the generation and amplification of extremely low frequency -ELF/ultra low frequency -ULF/very low frequency -VLF radiation in the ionosphere utilizing the High Frequency Active Aural Research Program —HAARP— transmitter; and understanding and quantifying the interaction of electromagnetic and acoustic waves with the plasma in flames. 

While this has size issues, the main intent is to show the page which references HAARP specifically: Page 36 of 47. Though this PDF has many sections beyond these 47 pages.

Quoting further:  Insight is developing the next generation multi-intelligence -multi-INT -exploitation and resource management system. Insight provides new exploitation capabilities through an integrated, standards-based system that is designed for mission flexibility and cross-theater applicability. Insight will enable detection of threat networks and irregular warfare operations through combination and analysis of information from imaging and non-imaging sensors and other sources. The technical approach emphasizes model-based correlation, adversary behavior modeling, threat network analysis tools, resource management tools,
a unified data management and processing environment, novel exploitation algorithms and analysis methodologies, and tools
to integrate human and machine processing, including visualization, hypothesis manipulation, on-line learning, and distributed social intelligence. Insight development activities leverage both virtual and physical test bed environments. The virtual test
bed enables evaluation of alternative sensor mixes and algorithms under extended operating conditions. The physical test
bed enables live testing, under realistic operational conditions, using current and next generation sensing and processing systems. Insight technology development is being coordinated with the following potential transition sponsors: Army Program Executive Office-Intelligence, Electronic Warfare & Sensors, Distributed Common Ground System – Army, Army Intelligence and Security Command, Air Force – Distributed Common Ground Station, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Insight provides a unified architecture for plug-and-play ISR with extensibility to all Services and Unified Combatant Commands, initially USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, and USPACOM.  

Returning to today’s Synthetic Plasmic tomographic impact, here are some images of the Action/Reaction, Collectivized aftermath which has left Extreme Weather signatures in its wake. 

Weather Modification, the Tecehnotronic Era, Future Weapons, Experimentation upon the populous, Ozone Negation, Radiant Frequencies which are Radiation: these are but a few of the aspects this Covert Agenda entails. Does that data instill Critical Though having come upon it?

For your Consideration…       Survive-All…        Awareness is Preparedness…  

otterwalks…   9th March 2016

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