Massive Microwave Oscillation Captured on CIMSS Returns

These are returns from the CIMSS Global 1 imagery system. The date of this Radiant Pulsation was 17th January 2016. There were no Solar events of an Earth facing Nature during this timeline. For that matter, it was a quite time for days pertaining to CME’s or other cosmic waves impacting the Earth. That leaves either a very long unnoticed imagery anomaly, which went without repair, or a Manmade Synthetic Wave Form. The evidence and timespan seem to point to the second potential. This massive Wave Form is visible over a twenty one hour period. While its origin may remain unknown, triangulation narrows the potentials. The end of the video has the link to the CIMSS site.

This version of the video will be adequate for the moment. It will be replaced when a version with the input quality is recreated. Sorry about the fuzzy imagery. Time to remove the bugs from this system. Here are a few shots to view until the video is refined.

otterwalks:  10th February 2016


About otterwalks:

Iroquois; Mohawk: Member Longhouse Medicine Society. Tasked by elders to aid the Awakening. Healer, working to negate the ill effects of the pernicious Technocratic attack upon life. Detoxification and balanced living begets critical thought thus, they are preeminent necessities. Card Carrying Member Native American Church. I am looking for unused MacBooks. I will pay shipping, keep your HD. Help... Donate your old devices, don't pay $ to dispose of them... Archiving IRI Events, Aerosols, Weather Modification, GeoEngineering Operations, all, for future evidentiary presentation. The Crimes Against Humanity, Here and Now, are being perpetrated Globally! We are being Exterminated! o...
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