HAARP Family and Scalar Ops in High Gear -Showing in Australia -U.S. and Elsewhere

The Technocratic Agenda is  in High Gear; RF/EMF Ops, as well as Synthetic Plasmic Ring Events are constant in Radar returns.

From U.S. R and D operations working Future Weapons; Scalar Paradox Experimentation to Australian Plasmic Ring and Spiral Vortex Scalar Testing: more data than can be presented, in a timely manor, continues to grow.  

These are returns from Adelaide, Australia on the eighth February 2016. They continue into the ninth… 

Now, Esperance, Australia is showing returns, on the ninth, that are quite concerting. R and D continues in the attempt or recreation of paradoxical void space. Is access to a Multiverse, an opening to unknowns, what the majority of humanity wants or in fact needs?  

This will be revisited when all of the incoming data streams have been made presentable. 

Many hours are being wiped as this operation continues… 

Here is one example with three hours gone! This is the next frame that is being distributed.

For now, it is collection time. Hundreds of images are being archived, in time videos will become available. 

otterwalks:  9th February 2016

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