HAARP/IRI Family Ring San Francisco -Data Wiped

Returns from NEXRAD KMUX San Francisco are running void of imagery. For the most part, they are consistent in their time stamps. It is the 1st February 2016. From the 29th January at 1747Z all data is wiped until it begins on 1st February at 1819Z: if that! CONUS2 shows this image at 18:53 UTC. Local time is ten hours earlier, this is 10:53 AM Pacific Time.

Here is a detail of the ring with its outer perimeter; again at 18:53 UTC. 

In this loop the same time negation is shown within the loop. The single shot below the loop shows one image at 18:54 UTC on the first.  

This is the 96 image loop from CoD for KMUX… There are seven frame that download.  Again, 17:47 UTC on the 29this the last image until the 1st at 18:19 UTC 

Weather Underground is all over the place starting on the 29th and showing a final image for 18:54 UTC on the 1st; again 10:54 PST.  

To summarize this Covert Operation there is positive evidence that an Ionospheric Heater Plasmic Wave Form did, in fact, impact the San Francisco based KMUX Radar as the central point. From past evidence, there is a general pattern that can be cross referenced to find the duration of the event. In this instance, KMUX was taken offline intermittently over three days. 

Was it coincidence that a NEXRAD installation should develop malfunctions just prior to this event? The data stream which would have shown the covert synthetic plasmic experiment is, across the board gone from assessment by examination of the raw data. To that end, with so little data covering the passage of so much time, disturbing questions remain. First, there are operations which successfully hide the unseen, unknown, beacon’s existence. This extraction of data, to a point that we have no idea that these Operations are ongoing, is frequent, and disquieting. This appears on record as filter upgrades. Returns have been changing, over time, through a narrowing of information contained within Radar and Satellite imagery. These have been visible changes moving toward censorship, evident over time past. You can search for straight line clouds, or some variant and find confirmation of these agendas.

There was a HAARP/IRI family heater ring event. It may have been days long. It may have been a short event, or maybe it was a short ping. 

Should further data become available, it will be added. 

otterwalks:  1st February 2016


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