Fukushima -Part of The Global Life Negation Agenda -A Full Spectrum Operation

From race specific bio-weapons, to the distribution or experimentation by dispersal of varied aspects of other life negating formats, the Agenda is Full Spectrum! Eugenics, modern genocide, on a global scale, is quickening its pace. Statistics grow as the slowly creeping onset of disease and illness goes from rare to common place. This is only one of the continued issues that by design, is in use to create a span of time which will give rise to the argument of causation. This is plausible deniability being created today, for referenced disconnect in the future. Fukushima, with the control by its Over Lord’s, is a Death Cult Agenda!

This is a needed reminder regarding Fukushima’s Nuclear Continuum. This is the Iodine 131 dispersal from Friday, 29th January 2016.

Here is the Xenon release, again from the 29th…  Looks like China lends a hand in this permeation of radiation; Xenon-133…

Caesium-137 -29th January 2016…  Given the atomic number 55, it is a soft, silvery, extremely reactive metal. It belongs to the alkali metal group and occurs as a trace element in some rocks and minerals.

Looking back at Caesium -137 on 4th April 2011…  

This is an accumulation map. It shows where Geiger Counters are located. They are set at the maximum radiation levels present, prior to the melt downs. It can be assumed that anywhere within this region would show like data. All location show the maximum levels that are being released to the public. This is from 30th January 2016…

Satellite images from over Japan… The Technocratic Elite continue their Global Agenda; even over locations of existing concerns: as if they need Aerosols as well.  

NOAA dispersal map… It says 300 tons of Radioactive water released. 

Another, this, an earlier map from NOAA, dated 2012… 

It is still as it was five years ago…  

otterwalks: 30th January 2016


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