Adelaide -Australia HAARP/IRI Family Plasmic Ring 27th January ’16

Adelaide, Australia has again been the center registration of one of the short HAARP/IRI type ring events. The image is from 0500 UTC, from a 15 minute loop system. That means it was present no longer than twenty some minutes. That would be a maximum if there is no censorship in use and the returns are true. 

Here, to compare ring shapes, is an image from the 14th January 2016. 

There are subtle differences in the ring interior edges. 

Energy is Power. Therefore, logically, it is likely that this is not the end of this beacon. If we could see the swirling cylinder, of the spiral vortex, its traverse would be exposed. A trampoline like absorption, followed by a renewed, energized pulsation which course is once again toward the Ionosphere. The tech is present, to triangulate end points, in space and on earth. 

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  27th January 2016  -Now the 28th…


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