More Returns -Albany, Australia -13th January ’16

More returns from the 13th January Albany, Australia HAARP/IRI like Ring event. This near 18 hour operation exposed numerous R and D actions. Their end point is speculative. What is known is the fact that this was not an accidental error within the Radar imaging systems. Very specific laser outbursts where added within the parameters of this Plasmic traverse. It evolved as time passed. Its record shows some of the how and why, that, is worthy of further study.

This is a single frame from when most feeds cut the data. In the lower left are the coordinates of this single site. Here, imaging the frozen loop time stamp; 0300 WST.

1 through 3 WST by another sites imagery… Very subtle differences, the center point for starters, their is a slightly more dense or fully radiant coverage at the same distance from the Radar station. Returns often have range rings. In these, there are up to five viewing choices regarding distance or width, up to a 512km diameter from the station.

Weather Underground loops which freeze at 1900 UTC.

Yet another Radar site returns imagery from Albany, Australia…

These loops cover one sixth or less of the event’s complete time. Below, like the system negation seen in U.S. and other Global Radar sites, has been presented as such on two sites; they are doubtless interfaced systems as these are global operations.

This is another archived image from Albany, Australia. It is dated in image search as 22nd November 2011.

Other Links to Albany, Australia’s resent Synthetic Plasmic event…


And Here:

And Here:

otterwalks: 20th January 2016


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