This is Just Too Precious to Not Republish -Well it was 2011

It looks like a giant doughnut is descending on northern Europe, or even a huge UFO.

But fear not, aliens have not invaded Belgium.

These circular cloud formations on weather radar images are in fact caused by freak weather conditions disrupting radar antennae.  Scroll down for Links to videos: 

Anomaly: The doughnut shaped cloud appears to be hovering over Belgium but the image is in fact caused by melting snow in the atmosphere affecting weather radar antennae

The rings are only visible on radar screens and are caused when snow melts in the atmosphere and bounces back the radar signal.

That causes the white ring that stretches out to limit of the radar’s range. The clear inside of the ring is dependent on the angle at which the radar aerial points at the sky. The images only show up on radar screens for a split second because weather radars only emit a signal for seven seconds out of every hour. Similar patterns have been picked up on radar over Western Australia.  

Quote: That doughnut or ring is something called a melting circle, where snow melted and radar picks it up – it’s a very thick area that forms an anomalistic ring. End Quote… Marc Dantonio of the Mutual UFO Network told AOL News. The radar only has a certain range out to which it can go — that’s the outer border of the doughnut. And the inner border of the doughnut is based on the angle that the radar is aiming in the sky, Dantonio said. And he warned any budding UFO hunters that weather radar can return a huge number of strange shapes caused by freak atmospheric conditions. Coastal weather radars can pick up large ocean swells which appear as a series of straight lines behind each other. 

Video link:  

Video Link:  


Doughnut Shaped Clouds…?   Chance of Doughnuts… ?  

Well, the above was published by the DailyMail on 5th April 2011. So, Melting snow in the atmosphere is at least seasonally possible; I’ll give it that. By 2016 there are few that are unaware of the Technocratic Agenda behind this type event and the systems used in their generation. It comes down to Propaganda from five years ago.

This, as you can see, is one of many such rings that having a tomographic nature impact the earth. Their depth of traverse is dependent on different factors from geology to the power, and duration of the waveform.  

9th November 2011 is late spring in the southern hemisphere. It is quite doubtful that a ring of snow was on the ground, as seen in this satellite imagery. As with all of the summer imagery from this month, January 2016, now summer; the above article was floated as a diversion. Or persons that were still, as we all are, in the process of learning. At least the imagery was published.

otterwalks:  18th January 2016 


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