Albany Ring Event -13th -Update 15th January 2016

16th January 2016 -New Youtube video has been posted with returns from this event, beginning to end; at least imagery that has been made public. Enlarge for best viewing. 

Here is the latest on the 13th January 2016 Albany, Australia Plasmic Ring event. Loops will be added later. This update is confirmation of the duration of this event; there has been yet another ring over the Adelaide region: more on that later. An archival system turned up which had all of the returns from this HAARP/IRI like ring. That data shows that the event first registered at 08:30 UTC and ran until 19:12 UTC on the 13th. It may have been18 minutes give or take longer; that due to the loop timestamps not being to the individual minute. The blanks are unknowns, so that is a consideration. That is nearly eleven hours!

One frame is of specific interest, that is the 09:30 UTC image. In that frame you will see a laser originate from Kalgoorlie Radar, to the NNE of this ring. It’s passage goes to the Scalar experimentation that has continued its escalation in format. Where once single lasers crossed in space/time, now more and more there are operations in which multiple laser outbursts are seen to collide! This quickly becomes visible in the structure of the ring or in some cases rings; the once straight linear nature of laser beacons is bent. In the technical vernacular this event is called Radar Divisor Function. In looking at imagery that is post laser/s colliding the structure physically curves. This curvature is the electromagnetic modulation shifting to the path of least resistance. In art it is referred to as the Golden Section. In all of life it is apparent as clockwise and counter clockwise swirls which overlap. One mathematical phase of the changing pathways is Pi. Pi radians are commonly seen in Radar returns. For the available tech is works with the most ease and subsequently is the configurative method of choice for specific agendas. 

The end result of the changed beacon pathway goes to the Fibonacci series: Phi. Below is an example from Albany dated 22nd November 2011. 

image credit open source

Look familiar?   

Links to more on this event:  1*


otterwalks:  15th January 2016


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