Adelaide -Australia HAARP School Ring -Again -15th January ’16

Adelaide, Australia registered a short Plasmic Ring impact on the 14th January 2016. 1* Similar imagery structure has come to pass on the 15th. Again this event is short, covering, give or take, 20 minutes. This, if you research the way Ionospheric Heaters work, could be a rebound technique used for a number of purposes. They include triangulation, continuation of the plasmic structure that has been created by what could be said to be a capture, energize, and outburst agenda. These synthetic plasmic wave forms can be modified as they traverse their evolving programing. It could be that this Future Weaponry is advanced beyond anything that can be written of. In all likelihood that is the case.

This event may have lasted 20 minutes. It should give pause that these Future Weapons are in existence and at work. The souther hemisphere arrays or similarly functioning interfaced tech is hard at work. The southern summer season, where the tilt of earth’s face returns to that polar area, is perpendicular to the solar systems equatorial belt. At this time, it becomes the optimum location to do this R and D. That, is parred, in addition with the influence of the globes magnetic structure, which shields the earth from UV Radiation, is the apex of the ansense of resistance to a beacon sent into the Ionosphere.

Knowing the Antarctic region to be the polar opposite of the example of HAARP in Gakona, Alaska, which is in low gear due to the seasonal changes. Censorship is used to cloak this covert agenda’s, Technocratic experiments. This is seen, and experienced in realtime, and in the complete absence of the existence of rings in system archives.


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