Australian Operation -Albany Registers Center for Synthetic Plasmic Impact -HAARP School Ring -Second Part

The Latest:  Begun yesterday… 1*

Chasing the allusive imagery generated yesterday in the region of southwest Australia has lead to what, at this time, appears to be the onset of this Ring. One global radar site, which has options related to each local’s loops, shows more returns than the Australian Government main Meteorological site. This site  2*  has imagery, which is still up -it is noon on the 14th -Eastern time, which labels the first impact with a 1600 UTC time stamp.  It is in the data flow until 1900 UTC.

Next to come will be the associated factoids assembled, with loops, and pertinent imagery. As ever, the origin, and other data regarding this Covert Experimentation resides in the shadows. The one fact that we have is that this event came to pass, and it lasted at least four hours. That much, is in some part, is conclusive. 

Note: Upon return to the below link, this is now shown as the first image of this event. 

This logically leads one to conclude that there is an active move to wipe imagery, which is in motion, at this time. As with any; literally all satellite images fact is oft not is visible information. Whether it is a constructed illustration or photographic, both programed and manual negation uses numerous methods in this effort to conceal data. 

This leads to the undeniable conclusion that the earlier time, thought to be the beginning, is at least potentially incorrect. For ****now, four hours has become suspect as the potential complete run of this event beacon.  

Here is another weather radar site’s frozen image. It carries the same time stamp that shows across the board, as the end point. The fact is, that this is when the data collection for the Algorithm’s use in compression and formatting imagery ceased. 

Directed Energy Weapons -DEW -are in constant R and D mode which is applied to generation of upgrades to systems. That, from mobile laser units to the globes many stationary extremely large arrays which play major rolls in many agendas. Nothing that is done through the use of these systems, is not archived. Nothing goes to waste. Any reaction, any effect; whether the expected or not, is left unused. If not immediately, the growing data that goes to a research theme, ultimately finds either its own agenda in operation or ultimately is confirm an end point which becomes a non-developmental format. It goes to the dust bin, being trimmed from inclusion in the project agenda format.  

More on this regarding the information that can be gleaned fro the imagery itself. That, both from the legends and the shape, density, and changes exhibited by the returns.


2*<YP=tag&LANG=en&STRUCTUR=&W=0&L=0&SLP=0&ROAD=0&CITY=&LF=0&SUM=0&LOOP=1  _

otterwalks:  14th January 2016


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