Australian HAARP/IRI Like Ring Event Albany -13th January ’16 -At Least Two Hours in Length

Albany, Australia Radar shows a minimum of two hours of this event prior to the single site and national Radars freeze of returns. Here are a few of the images from todays massive RF/EMF event. It has been along time since this type of HAARP/IRI Ring type event has been shown on Australian data feeds. This is only a beginning. There are many images and some loops that have been collected. This will be fleshed out later when the imagery is formatted. For now, here are a few images of todays synthetic plasmic wave form which impacted the south west of Australia. 

While most all of this technology is created, manufactured, and installed by Raytheon, countries other than the U.S. have, generally, far less data in their formats. They have shorter time spans of coverage, and their loops are spaced with images farther apart. The above images show the Australian Government Meteorological Radar imagery. There is only this one image which is time stamped 18:32 UTC -13th January 2016.

Until later when further information will be edited in…

otterwalks:  13th January 2016


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