HAARP Ring -Ionospheric Heater Impact Registers Center at Maxwell AFB -NEXRAD KMXX -Alabama

Maxwell AFB registered center for the impact of an imaged HAARP/IRI Ring event today. The first image shows the States of Alabama, Georgia, most of Mississippi, and Tennessee, with the Florida Panhandle and portions of both North and South Carolina. As well, the Gulf is within the ring in a location known for offshore oil development. ****The final imagery from this synthetic plasmic assault today, 5th January 2016, are meager. This Operation had a minimum of two hours negated. As happens this is visible in the timestamps and the blank frames, as well as notes like the NWS Radar Down frame within the return loops of the event. Here is imagery of this Technocratic Future Weapons Operation.

All of the below timestamps have the same wiped frames in their loops. You are presented with the fading pulse and nothing prior.

There are no Echo Tops Format returns in which to show the rings of the incoming radiants.

NWS returns show the same return time to imagery at 17:47 UTC -11:47 AM local time.

It would seem that knowing an operation is to come to pass, measures are taken to ensure censorship of these covert experimentations. Remember, given the acknowledged GeoEngineering Agenda, this type of electromagnetic induction is outside of law!

otterwalks: 5th January 2016


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