Australian High RF/EMF Radiants Caught in Returns

The Australian National Radar/Weather site posts one image per hour in its national four loop format. You can see shorter timespans in single site imagery. This significantly large, apparent duel pulse RF event appears to be registering out of two locations. They are the Wyndham and Katherine Tindal Radar installations in the northwest. There have been anomalies recently, but nothing with the shear size of this. It appears that an area of two radiants have entwined. This type of intersecting laser beacons has many speculating on the end results. Single lasers which traverse from several origins and crosscut one another was presented by Tesla. His Scalar Bottle Paradox has been taken to levels far beyond his initial vision. The point in space that is the vector or intersection of converging lasers, negates all matter. This was originally labeled the vector energy zone. The paradox comes from the issue that the absence of matter, in its nothingness was something; thus paradox. That is extremely abbreviated and goes to origins of laser thought potential. 

Here are some images of this Australian Radar return. 

The image below shows locations of Radar arrays…

Below is an illustration from one of Tesla’s patents. The energy zone/bottle is marked above and the target extraction zone is noted below.

Todays complex RF/EMF arrays and generating systems are in active experimentation. The potentials that return are being fed into Algorithms, and refined R and D continues. This is one aspect of future weapons. The Scalar Square has appeared in Radar imagery and directly related to extreme weather creation. Weather Weapons are only one angle found in this great unknown that continues. Recently there is more exposure being given to the potential opening gateways to synchronous universes; multi-verses. You can imagine the dialogues that come from that. It goes far in debate as the end all for alien traverse and communication, pathways used by ultra-dimensional beings, the presence of a growing evil on earth, et al.. 

Here is an artists rendering of the intersection of multiple laser radiants. This plays at multiple bursts, which intersecting points would be areas such as labeled above. 

image credit open source -unknown 

This is quite brief and meant to aid in conceptualization. The lexicon, the high math, and technocratic advances are largely incomprehensible and evolving efforts continue to necessitate new language. Researching Scalar Wave Forms or like terms will show mathematical diagrams which are but hieroglyphs to almost everyone. The slow release of imagery with some correlating data seems a logical avenue for this format. There are many videos that will take you on love it or leave it posits. 

A parting thought… If Infinite, there can be no Finite. We are frequency and exist here and now. All that is, we are. Duality is an illusion in which a Oneness exists. 

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  3rd January 2016


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