Massive Global Microwave Return on CIMSS Feeds

At this time, there have been no responses to inquires regarding this satellite format imagery. 

If -this is the display of Future Weapons R and D, -this is one deep rabbit hole. I have seen changes in this imagery over the years. To find the origin, or the type of event that has returned, research is demanded. This can be negated as a solar or CME registration; which at times of intensity show on these images. The only solar activity is shown as a geomagnetic storm in the Arctic region. There are no earth facing CME’s at this time. Next, this event is evident over the course of sixteen hours. The returns in this format cover one frame per hour in the loops. 

It does not move… As solar plasmic, or other energies, that may be returned in this format: it does not move. A natural event impacting the globe would move with the changes of day or night. 

It should be noted that this is at least twice the size of Africa. It is many times the size of ionospheric heater returns. Like a fire cracker compared to an A-Bomb! Research has not turned up this type of radiant previously, yet it is of the same style, only magnified massively… 

Here is the data given as an unknown anomaly. While I have my suspicions at this time, I hope to get some response or details from data request efforts. Not holding my breath regarding a response in truth from the site or other linked entities. Perhaps one of the researchers that I often link will turn up a reply or research this event independently? For now here are the images for your viewing.  

These are screen shot and shrunken to present. You can view a large format at this link:  1*  These are under Global 1, which will come up, and North Atlantic. The options are above the imagery.  

These are still running at this time -27th December 2015.

Screen shot details of this return…


If there is more information to explain this event in the future, it will be added.  

otterwalks:  27th December 2015


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