IRI/HAARP Ring -NEXRAD KLVX Louisville-Kentucky

For the sake of accepted understanding, by means of social label paradigm; the plasmic assault being presented here will be labeled a HAARP Ring, The HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska being largely accepted as the creator of these Synthetic, High RF, electromagnetic pulses. HAARP was said to have been closed. Different propaganda spin had it an issue with its diesel generators, upgrades, -which is close to true -and the outright closure of the installation. That has not been the case, however, it has been labeled anew, with the acronym IRI as its base code name. This event may not be from that location’s Ionospheric Research Instrument -IRI. 

We do know from the imagery, albeit rapidly censored by as many different systems as there are Radar sites with their image formats. Returns are filtered, negated from loops, dropped from the repetition cycle that is commonly adhered to; this is evidenced in the timestamps on the loops. Events are wiped from public review by overseers and algorithms. Blank frames have several potentials. First, it is a technique blatantly using censorship. Secondary it could be that TH frequency is present; more or less another level of off the chart/legend coloration schemes. Outside of software format; displaying as nothing visible to humanity, -yes, that is oxymoronic -yet existing both above the RF band and as well, throughout the entirety of that which is conceived of as multiple frequencies. That is to say it exists within the same place, at the same time. Plasma’s frequency can be viewed as a Oneness; omnipotence finite, omnipresent, and as it is Energy, having the potential for its own omniscience: A.I.?

This is the event, which mosaic of interfaced data installations, together show the ring perimeter extent. The results that could be captured, if available, show both an exterior range ring and the NEXRAD Algorithm’s creation born of data streams which reveal a center, maximum power zone. This has no ring imaged, it is a type of rollback censorship which is drawn from the combination of weather returns and the incoming radiant. 

With that preface; NEXRAD KLVX -Louisville, Kentucky became the median for this HAARP like ring’s impact. This is the CONUS2 image which has a timestamp 02:03 UTC -24th December 2015.  

CoD shows two images at 01:57 and 01:59 UTC; this from a six or ten minute loop format. This is the base digital reflectivity; low angled at 0.50 degrees traverse from the point of origin.

Cod Echo Tops reveal a negation of this event over a span of two hours that are gone from the feed. This is seen in the published timestamps.

And here is the lapse… Imagine the midpoint image? These are bookends of a sort. Again, the black center is on the legend as TH; Extremely low frequency.

NIU has negated the ring image format. This is much like the satellite image negation of straight lines. Slowly more aspects of data are disappearing from the overall picture at any given time. This future weapons R and D continues its shift to essentially illustrated line drawings. here is meteorological data being interrupted by RF/EMF maxims. 

Blue is snow, Pink mixed or sleet, and greens are precipitation. 

Weather Underground Radar negated one frame and blanked out this one. In this format, past imagery would look somewhat like this created image from the apparent beginning of the HAARP Ring. The legend would likely be in a range of green and gray, not that which is present.

UCAR Base Velocity loop…  

UCAR had only one image in Base Reflectivity; 01:57+ UTC.

This is from earlier today, the 24th December ‘15, about twelve hours after the dissipation of this ionospheric heater event; at least within minutes of its revelation: below are annotated extreme weather alerts.  

The Nukes of the future have in a small part been unclassified, but downplayed. Now, we begin to pass their usage in mocking and labeling researchers; you need only investigate to find the truth in plain site. These are almost prevalent in the lexicon of todays GeoPolitical rhetoric. Now it’s stated; We put billions in our budget to continue this experimentation, radiation is good for you! So move along there is nothing to see here: now… 

On HAARP/IRI and the panoply of variants..!

otterwalks:  24th December 2015  

                         Survive-All…    Awareness is Preparedness…  


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