Antarctic Ionospheric Heater Rings Proceed Arctic Returns

Here are IR satellite returns from Antarctica. They are from the 1st and 2nd of December 2015. As you see there are at least four ring events registering in the first image. This is has a timestamp of 05:00 UTC, on the 2nd. It is first due to the number of rings that are seen. There may be five, but the fifth is fading or just begun. It is not unusual to see one RF/EMF frequency event show in their southern summer months. Generally they are upon or near McMurdo Station. 1* Note: This piece has at least eight other links on this region and ongoing events. It should be noted that New Zealand is in the eleven o’clock position in these returns. The maps that follow however are turned 180 degrees, as often happens with south pole maps. The second image is from a recent Arctic RF Pulse event which was captured on CIMSS microwave imagery from the 12th December 2015. 2*

open source image of RF Ring event -Artists rendering

It way be better annotated; Center of Radar Pulse. Hole above radar -does little for anyone’s edification.

Next images have a timestamp of 10:00 UTC on the 2nd December ‘15. There are only hourly return images available.

This, as mentioned above is inverted when compared to the imaged returns. This does show the direction or orientation to various cities around the globe.

Now going back to the 1st December 2015, with a timestamp at 22:00 UTC, with two RF pulses showing.

This is how they have divided up the southern polar continent. Note: The U.S. has bases in regions that are not listed as U.S. claims. Not unlike the way much of the world has the presence of Raytheon constructed installations. Here at McMurdo Station they work with their host country and closest flight region; New Zealand.

Here is one more from that very active period. This is once again the 2nd, this is timestamped 07:00 UTC.

That tells us that the RF first rings at 05:00 on the 2nd continued for between two and near -potentially -four hours. That, given that there is only one image per hour.

1 *


otterwalks:  16th December 2015 -Eastern -U.S.


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