RF Ring Event Registers on Microwave Returns for Alaska

Not unlike the Antarctic RF Ring images from near McMurdo Station, and at this time of year, across the the south polar region; microwave radiation imagery has registered a large RF pulse in the Arctic. It is seen below a number of partial rings coming from Alaska.   

These are the frames that were available. Apologies, these are from the 12th December 2015. System issues have been corrupting format procedures.

Just wanted all to see the similarity regarding the Antarctic returns.  I have not found a link that shows or names the center registration location of this event. 

This is an approximation of the ring event out of AK. It is extrapolated and only conjecture.  

These are known HAARP/IRI interfaced locations that work various formats regarding ionospheric testing. Some create, some take readings from the R and D process. Imagery is by and large wiped from public viewing as this is future weaponry technology. There is an array being constructed on the Yukon -Alaska boarder at a high latitude. It is not on this map which has been around for some years. 

There is always the potential that this impacts origin was not Alaska. Though it should be noted that this is a covert field of research that is Global in scope. The bulk of systems being run by TPTB.  

HLMS appears to be located at center. This is a registration system. Quote: These two observations, when combined with other information on variations in electron precipitation, imply that the variations in electron precipitation are controlled by the ULF magnetic perturbations through a ULF-VLF-electron interaction.  End Quote…  Link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/JA085iA04p01695/full  

Image of a few other links for search term -Magnetometer Riometer Functions…    

Here is another image. It is one hour prior to the ones above. I thought to look at DUTCHSINSE and found that he has a link up for this event…

CIMSS has 72 image loops. One image is available for each hour of the last three days. This is 19:00 UTC on the 12th, the above starts at 20:00 UTC. 

image credit Barbara M. via DUTCHSINSE

Link to M.J.’s article:  http://dutchsinse.com/12122015-large-pulse-of-radio-frequency-detected-coming-from-alaska-haarp-caught-in-action/  

otterwalks: 15th December 2015


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