Snippet Overview of Weather Modification Via Electromagnetics -and doubtless GeoEngineering

Just a little Burst out of Vance AFB -Enid, Oklahoma… Nothing to see here, so just move along. 

This is a directive maneuver, part and parcel, of the current weather modification operation, It’s usage through  the NEXRAD radar system seems small compared to the agenda of the last days, but it was a critical electromagnetic pulse used to a very specific end. That, is still developing. The past days have seen the NEXRAD system, nation wide, working in conjunction with interfaced Mexican Gulf, and west coast systems, in play. Key upgraded installations have been in the orchestration of the current weather inversion. There has been snow in the Texas panhandle, and the northeast and other higher latitudes has seen above normal temperatures. The rapid development of an atmospheric moisture engine, on the northwest coast of the Gulf is still feeding this weather system. 

The infusion of an ionospheric heater event will put a fire under me and all of the archived data will be presented. This just happens to be a visual that should be self explanatory. First are some satellite loops of this continuing GeoEngineered -system with this, recent burst -wedge -following.  The aerosols are so prevalent that they are seen leading this system, despite the filtered software system’s negation of the better part of the lower 48′s toxic dumping.    

Above the aerosols are quite visible on the leading edge of the front. Here are a couple images from KTWX on the 13th December 2015. Note: the legend on the right has no Magenta. This is an RF outburst showing in the return as the outer range ring of the single site imagery.

Working the weather, out of Topeka, Kansas… 

Here are some returns showing the pulse that occurred on the backside, bottom of the actionable precipitation; a block format, eking the system east by northeast. There was a time that this would have been seen as a HAARP like wedge. The legends of these various image systems tells the tale of the intent. That may leave one wondering. That is not the intent. Research do to the natural inquisitive nature of humanity is…  

Above, the blue is snow, the pink sleet like conditions, and greens rain. Note how the lasers register across those conditions. This pulse is angled upward, It is not seen on the horizontal or shallow angle of mosaic compressed images. It images in the 3.35 degree incline. When this angle goes to 256 km, that becomes quite high. High enough to interact with conductive slurries that have been disbursed with high reactivity; that in the synthetic cloud structure built, in part, of ice nucleating particulates. 

Above, the off the chart magenta denoting RF… 

It should be noted that the TDWR from this region of Oklahoma has been wiped from returns. Norman and other locations within Oklahoma are at the heart of weather R and D. Again, this from Vance AFB, a key player with advanced tech.A piece of the current status and the why of it.

For your visual absorption and consideration… 

otterwalks:  14th December 2015


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