Classic HAARP/IRI Ring Presents in Texas Centered KDYX NEXRAD Dyess AFB Abilene

The presentation in the classic sense of a so labeled HAARP Ring has been imaged in its final moments. Dyess AFB NEXRAD systems registered this synthetic plasmic impact, center, with the image of the ionospheric heater’s range; its perimeter ring. This type of return in the center has been that which we usually see with the new filtered/censored imagery. It is good to see the combination as the absence of rings makes it hard for the comprehension of the circumference of this radiation to be absorbed mentally. It is always there. We are disallowed its image.  

Above the NWS and NOAA, DARPA quickly puts a lid on such slippage. There is a minimum of three hours and twenty minutes wiped from the onset of this assault. The same censorship that has become so common place. One point of interest for me personally is that I believe it was the last IRI/ HAARP family event piece, that I said who knows if we will ever see the classic ring present in U.S. Radar imagery again. Quote:We are left without the classic HAARP Ring image due to both the new filters in use, and the negation of the event from its inception. End Quote…  1*  Here is the single frame from CONUS2 that shows the rings range.  

This is Cod imagery of the last, fading radiant of this three plus hour event. The lop that follows has the time stamp showing the censored, blank time span negation. 

Moving to NIU -Northern Illinois University – Radar… Only one frame, again the end of the assault is there for viewing. This is 11:20 AM local. The past hours have heated from the ionosphere to subterranean depths.

UCAR Radar returns show the deletion, and the same final image at 17:17 UTC. The loop again shows the censorship in the timeline. 

Intellicast return loop…  

Weather Underground, mostly wiped by this time, presented three loops with the skipped timeline and final image… Note -Quote: Radar down for maintenance. 

These are from the NWS -National Weather Service -generally first to block data as they are high in the distribution chain.  

And there goes the last vestige of data on this Ionospheric, HAARP/IRI labels of confusion electromagnetic synthetic plasmic event…  

The Radar Status Message is this: We are Experimenting Illegally upon the populous and have absolutely no intent of transparency as regards these and other future weapons covert testing systems. This is Eugenics, and we could care less about your existence! Beside that we have told you Radiation is Good For You!  


                          Survive-All…  Awareness is Preparedness…  

otterwalks:  3rd December 2015

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