Anomalous NEXRAD Ring Returns -Merlins Leaving Roosts

Following Radar returns has brought this interesting aside to the continued archive of recent southeast operations.

NEXRAD KJAX -Jacksonville, Florida shows this seemingly anomalous ring return from around 6 to 7 AM Eastern on 1st December 2015. The largest ring is also caught on the Moody AFB NEXRAD system prior to the escalation of the recent wheel laser outbursts that have been operational.

The answer to what the heck is that, is that in southeastern Georgia, roosts of Merlin are seen taking to air. They are imaged in returns as they pass through the Base Reflectivity -Tilt 1 set at 0.5° -elevation of the NEXRAD radiants. This is the KJAX imagery.  

This is the Merlin…

Once, one of these flew but a few feet in front of me, diving to ground level to clasp an unaware towhee for lunch: Truth.  

This is the same time range imagery from KVAX NEXRAX. The laser outbursts are at a greater distance, thus they have reached a higher elevation upon impacting the Merlins and only the highest flyers are captured in returns. Another aspect of the imagery is that there is more energy being channeled to the phased linear lines, lessening the outburst, contact and return, specific to the flock’s locations.

Note: More soon on the ongoing weather modification operation propagated by Moody AFB’s KVAX. Seen above is the building laser wheel outburst which has been operational for the last days. It gets far more dramatic with future weapon R and D comprised of intersecting lasers from surrounding sites. This goes to a new level of trial and error Scalar Bottle Paradox, with its Technocratic; let’s see what happens if we…? Here is todays next 10 loop return from KVAX as the systems operational parameters exponentially expand.  

This is a preview of this continued Operation from the NIU returns for the southeast region on the 29th November 2015. 

This run is only a hint of the overall Operation. When KVAX ends its continued central action in this experimentation, there will be far more to show. The clash of lasers is in the least Technocracy playing god. From there, the agenda could encapsulate the futuristic opening of multi-dimensional space; and all that science fiction brings to the forefront.

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  1st December 2015


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