HAARP -IRI -Ionospheric Heater Event -KBBX NEXRAD Beale AFB -California

A lapse imagery leaves only the final moments of an ionospheric heater event that registered center, at Beale AFB NEXRAD KBBX -Marysville -Oroville, California. Returns are negated from 15th November at 15:15 UTC through 16th November 02:46 UTC: 8:50 PM local time begin the last return available.

This leaves open the very real potential that a HAARP -IRI- event lasting over 10 hours was wiped from national public Radar. Here you will see loops and single images, most of which, show the 02:46 UTC time stamp. One interesting note on this event, besides the censorship, is the one minute difference on the CoD -Base Reflectivity- time stamp. This is unusual as the loop return systems used with NEXRAD data give this, or some close form thereof, of the time stamp methodology and the reasons for it. Here is a quote to this: Single-site NEXRAD base reflectivity data are updated every 5, 6, or 10 minutes, depending on whether the Radar is in normal precipitation mode, storm precipitation mode, or clear air mode. End Quote… Most run on five minute return image loops. College of DuPage, NEXLAB returns are usually on six or ten minute loops. The point here is that there is a constant equal to the output of the systems. That is to say for every Phased Array oscillation that is emitted, there is a return, and it is doubtless imaged: being kept by and for the Algorithmic refinement We are given the least and most watered down variants of reality regarding this ongoing Technocratic, future weapons, data possible. This at least in part is so that the Corporate Military Complex can dispense its Corporate owned and run NWS, NOAA, et al. weather reports with some data to spin.   

Below is the one minute time stamp difference presented…

Above is the Hydrometeor Classification at 02:46 UTC and below is the only image from the Echo Tops Format for this KBBX event.  

UCAR will not image prior to the 02;46 UTC time stamp.  

The end point Echo Tops is proof positive that this is an ionospheric heater event. We are left without the classic HAARP Ring image due to both the new filters in use, and the negation of the event from its inception. Time will tell if we see Ring events in the future or are left with this type of censorship being presented, lacking data exposing this covert agenda.

Aside from the interfaced NEXRAD systems at Beale AFB, it is one of the locations of the PAVE PAWS Top Secret Array systems. Secret in that their R and D remains unavailable to the public, falling under the purview of National Security. Areas within the workings of these interfaced Future Weapons -Defense?- systems show high cancer rates among the populous.  


Above is an image to give perspective and the image below should be able to be enlarged for viewing.  

These are generally spoken of as part of the missile defense system, or Star Wars program.  

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  17th November 20115

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