Scalar Operations Cycle in Nevada Over Proving Grounds -Part One of Recent Radar Returns

This is from 11th November ‘15, and is one in a series of ops from that day. They have continued and as will be seen in subsequent data dumps, have intensified. ****There is too much to continue to repeat, so this link explains these Nevada Proving Grounds Experiments. The main difference resides in R and D refinement. That to ends that are continually being changed. 1 * 

NIU has begun new filtration of returns, negating the full frequency returns.

These are UCAR Single Site Returns… 

Here are the returns from CoD for this OP…  

This is the Hydrometeor Classification loop, the bursts showing as measurable precipitation: where the laser frequency registers… 

These are WU returns. They proceed to incrementally escalate in verticle degree; they start near ground level and rise.  

This is a different format, the RF and off of the chart extreme laser frequencies are made visible here. Again the angle of degree goes upward.

Here is the Weather Underground Echo Tops return for the same event. It is for all purposes a composite mosaic type format in that it has the elevations overlaid and compressed.  

The next Operation commenced approximately 3 hours later. It will hopefully be the next data in a long run of Nevada Operations which need to be presented. 

There is now ongoing scalar operations in the Central tier states, as well, there has been days of quite dramatic returns of Next Generation Scalar Wheel and Laser Operations in the Southeast. To get this to the public forum is the aim of the next run of articles. The issue is that NEXRAD and other Radar systems are in high gear, and censorship has never been quite so apparent. The data needs to be collected which negates time that would be used to format and post.   


otterwalks:  13th November 2015  

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