Mobile Land Weather Modification Arrays and EMF Systems -Future Weapons

Mobile land based Radar, both dishes housed in Radomes and Antenna type ionospheric heaters, continue to shrink in size, as their function expands.  

This image was taken several years back. It is among the numerous systems that continue the drought. Food, or the lack thereof, will be used as a weapon.

Others! -?  

This should contain many more patches, but you should get the idea regarding the agenda and the collective Climate Mafia Technocratic Eugenics divisions involved.

From Extreme Weather to RF/EMF exposure, ill adapted crops subjected to colder extremes and the western states drought; this is another assault. It is a methodical inverse siege, which agenda is to destroy the economic base, third world food availability; while Weaponization R and D continues experimentation upon the populous.

otterwalks: 12th November 2015


About otterwalks by Crew...

Working to expose the Future Weapons Arms Race...
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