Scalar Operations in Nevada with short Mid-Atlantic Weather Modification Visual 101

This started as a quick, short 101, regarding one small aspect of weather modification. That is to say, the usage of RF frequencies -electromagnetic induction if you wish, upon a storm cell; in this case: to manage it.

While collecting data and formatting to present, a scalar operation came up in the imagery over the Sate of Nevada. This is not rare, and indeed I fully expect there will be replays of greater power, and further addition of surrounding NEXRAD installations.  

First is the original thought; the returns showing the off the chart RF induction taking place along the mid Atlantic: specifically, NEXRAD KLTX -Wilmington, NC. Next, a hourly satellite loop showing returns with the RF Rings working this cell, and then corruption prevented the loop pulled from another source showing the same region and timeline. So, here there is a single shot which is representational of the timelines RF radiant state.

At this time the CONUS2, national imagery shows activity in Nevada. What you are seeing is next generation R and D, advancing Tesla scalar bottle paradox which enters into the unknowns of esoteric multidimensional abstracts. Further information on laser play linked below… 

The main activity capture and imaged in these returns is in this image below. Here is KRGX Reno, Nevada NEXRAD on the left, and from above, comes a decussate, and intersecting laser beacon from Elko, Nevada -NEXRAD KLRX. Teslas’ data uses only two converging lasers intersecting. Here we can see a fan or wedge of RF/EMF crossed by several lasers. I am thinking, not really in our best interests. Makes CERN, child’s play… 

This is the Northern Illinois University -NIU -return for this event; note it is in CDT, not UTC. One of the agendas that comprise this Technocratic scalar research is the known that where there is a collision of lasers, after the void is created, a rapid weather change occurs in the physical world. Here within the operational cross hairs, the light blue color which appears is the creation of snowfall according to the returns. As it is in countless documents, I will presume this is documentation of that once abstract posit in real time. Nothing there… Over a 20 minute span; snow! 

Here is the single site return radar from UCAR for KRGX -Reno, NV…  

This is the single site induction from Elko, NV during the scalar operation. 

As predicted, three and one half hours have passed and the scalar ops have taken on induction from KMTX -Salt Lake City -NEXRAD, and the operation overall is building in scope. The energy levels have been increased and there are now three, not two sites involved. Here is the data as of this time; CONUS2 first… 

Back to NIU Radar for the same, second event…   

UCAR single site radar for Reno -KRGX…  

In black, at between 7 and 8 o’clock you will see Salt Lakes Laser, imaged one minute after most of the other peak image times…  

This is CoD imagery: some are single shots of the 21:12 UTC return; added is a loop of the Storm Reflectivity which shows the RF in off the chart magenta.  




I find that many of my past links have become censored. Here is a link to the image below of Tesla’s drawings with descriptions.  


otterwalks:  9th Novenber 2015


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