New Madrid -France -Greek Earthquakes

Bad enough that the New Madrid Seismic Zone is active, close examination shows the Arkansas EQ to be next to Fracking sites. As you know this system drills down and turns horizontal running a mile or more. Only the surface part of the operations is known to the viewer. It could be that this event was were the system exists. None the less, Fracking Seismic regions is akin to Nuke Plants on fault lines: just plain stupid!  

Famous 1895 6.0M event…  

Next is the 4.1M Earthquake in France… 

While researching the EQ in France, this red dot came up in Greece. It is a 4.3M and as can be seen below, they are not infrequent events. 

There are many EQ’s of higher magnitude, particularly around The Ring of Fire. You can see earthquakes from the last 24 hours at this Link:

otterwalks:  5th November 2015


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